26 thoughts on “Author interview no.197 with mystery novelist William Doonan

  1. Patricia Gligor says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Morgen and William!

    I enjoyed getting to know more about William in this interview. He and I are both members of Sunny Frazier’s writing/marketing group, the Posse. I’ve gotten to know him through the group interaction and, although I’ve never met him in person, I can tell that he’s a great guy. He’s also an excellent writer. I’ve read “Mediterranean Grave” and it was fantastic.


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you Patricia, lovely to see you here again. Sadly we don’t have Thanksgiving over here in the UK but I’ll be celebrating when I finish my NaNoWriMo project (I’m a tad behind; 12K done 38K done in the next 4 days… no problem). 🙂


    • Patricia Gligor says:

      Morgen, I totally forgot that you’re “across the pond.” The Internet makes it feel as if there isn’t any distance between us.
      I wish you luck with your NaNoWriMo project. Not enough hours in the day, are there?


  3. morgenbailey says:

    It’s great isn’t it. You could be down the road (I love technology).

    Not normally enough hours in the day but certainly hoping there are enough in the next four (I’m working full time Mon / Tues / Wed – bah humbug). I’ve scheduled up all my blog posts to / including Sunday evening with the exception of (and I still have to pinch myself when I say this as he’s one of our top writers) Mark Billingham’s interview Sunday morning… just have to add my bits. 🙂 So, no excuse (other than the cinema tomorrow evening – going to see My Week With Marilyn (with your Michelle Williams and our Eddie Redmayne & Kenneth Branagh. It looks good so that’s my treat / escape (delete as appropriate).

    I have emailed William by the way to say we’re here so hopefully he’ll join the party before we take over completely. 🙂

    M x


  4. Marja McGraw says:

    Great interview! Now you’ve got me hooked. I can’t wait for the archaeological mystery to come out. One of favorite types of books. Your answers were interesting, and I appreciate the bits of humor you included.


  5. Charlotte says:

    Now that was an interview. Your’s are always good. However, this one struck a positive chord with me.

    I’m still writing but haven’t completed a novel. I’m working on a vampire story from the point of view of a detective/vampire who is chasing her evil vampire father who raped her mother and out she popped nine months later. She is 140 yo in the novel. I’ve only written 16,000+ words since January, 2011. I write almost every day. I’m trying to get all my words in by January, 2012… Gawd, I never thought I would live this long much less, write a novel. I have absolutely nothing published except for what I published years ago in my “new age” monthly newsletter called “The Aqu


  6. marta chausée says:

    I’ll follow you on Twitter, William, if you’ll follow me. MartaChausee.

    Enjoyed the interview very much. The world is our oyster, as you say. We have all been empowered to market and promote ourselves and each other. It’s more fun when it’s a joint effort.

    Thank you, Morgen, you blogging maniac, for another great interview.

    Marta Chausée, author
    Resort to Murder


  7. Eileen Obser says:

    It’s almost midnight as I write but not too late to say Happy Thanksgiving, William! And to Morgen, across the pond, thank you for adding to my holiday pleasure with this informative and fun interview. Since I’m not a mystery writer, I may never be interviewed by you, Morgen. I expect to publish a memoir next year, however. Since I’ve come to meet all the Posse writers online, I may have to come up with mystery ideas (okay, I have a few) and then, as William does, “let the characters open the doors and see what’s on the other side.” This rule works, by the way, in all writing – fiction and non, if you think about it.


  8. morgenbailey says:

    Hello Eileen. You’re very welcome, it really was my pleasure (I’d say here how lovely William is but I don’t want to embarrass him on top of all the other lovely comments he’s received :)).

    I’m guessing that this is the first interview you’ve read here. I’ve interviewed several memoirists and unpublished writers (see https://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/blog-interviews)… in fact I say that as long as someone writes they have something to say, just to ignore the questions that aren’t relevant. William is the 197th in a long line of sometime, regular and ridiculously prolific authors I’ve had the pleasure to meet (and an agent, and some publishers)… with many, many more lined up.

    So, Eileen, I throw down the gauntlet. Take a look around the site, see if you’d like to be a part of it and email me at morgen@morgenbailey.com for the questionnaire / info. pack if you’d like to be number two hundred and something… or if you’re not ready, three hundred and something. 🙂



  9. Dac Crossley says:

    William – What a nice interview! Morgen is a class interviewer. We’ve exchanged some e’s, and now I feel i know who you are and what you’re doing. I’m an ex-professor too (not sure you’re an e just yet) and well remember the challenge to publish and the search for funds. It was fun while it lasted. Writing in retirement is better. I would like to read some of your archaeological articles, sometime.

    — Dac


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