2 thoughts on “Author interview no.201 with writer Ann Pietrangelo

  1. Misha says:

    “First, call yourself a writer. Say it. Believe it. Be it. Then be stubborn about it. You are a writer – not because someone pays for your work, but because it is a part of you that won’t be stifled. This isn’t a job for those who aren’t fully committed to the idea. When the powers that be say “no,” you’ve got to figure out how to get around them.”

    Beautifully put. I find it sad that so many people start writing then give up because some author they look up to said something stupid about what it means to be a writer, because it’s really simple. A writer is someone who loves writing.


  2. Ann Pietrangelo says:

    Thank you, Misha. I just stopped by your blog (My First Book). May this be just the beginning of a long and fascinating writing career for you. It’s obvious you are a writer who is in it for the long haul, and we’ll be hearing a lot more from you.


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