22 thoughts on “Author interview no.207 with novelist Trisha Ashley

  1. Tony Tibbenham says:

    Great advice and well timed: Start writing and keep writing. Wait for nothing and write round distractions. It is honest to admit you are responsible for your own productivity: Those artists who blather on about ‘their muse’ do not have a family to support.


  2. Trisha Ashley says:

    I enjoyed our chat so much – thank you for inviting me onto the blog, Morgen! And good luck to everyone with the prize draw, too.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Ah, thank you Kym. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve had two of Trisha’s books for a while and had every intention of reading them before today. I could use NaNoWriMo as an excuse but that only absolves me of a month’s worth of time… hopefully I’ll read at least one before her guest blog on the 22nd. 🙂


  3. Sheryl Brown says:

    What a delightful and informative interview. I agree totally re the editorial advice. It’s not just about typos, or even having a fresh eye. Editors are (or should be :)) experts in their field, with a feel for what’s working, what might just sell and what will not. Love the comment ‘the cream will rise to the top, so don’t put your own books out on the internet until you are sure they are ready’. Sound advice indeed. After months, or even years of hard work, you are going to pout your work out their without ensuring it’s as perfect as it can be? Oooh, bad idea.

    Absolute best of luck, Trisha.


  4. Kristi V. says:

    Great interview! I’ve currently been reading a couple of Trisha’s Christmas themed books this season. I reread Sweet Nothings, and read 12 Days of Christmas on my Kobo. I love both of these books and interested in why she decided to rework SN and would like to read The Magic of Christmas to compare it with. I’m now reading Chocolate WIshes. I really enjoy her books.


  5. morgenbailey says:

    Congratulations to Sheryl and Kristi for being winners of this draw. So sorry to everyone else. 😦

    I’ll have to get Trisha back next Christmas for another book and another draw. 🙂

    Thank you for visiting my blog and if any of you would like to take part (whether you are a reader or writer, or both!) do let me know.



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