4 thoughts on “Author interview no.225 with poet Cendrine Marrouat

  1. peachestree says:

    This was an enjoyable interview to read. Cendrine does so much for so many people, personally and professionally. It is amazing to see her complete outreach captured in this interview and hopefully that all who read this post understand her passion for whatever she is involved in. I do.
    Celestine McMullen Allen


  2. Gary Dooley says:

    Very interesting interview. Re: getting exposure for your plays, Cendrine, there are lots of playwrighting competitions out there – a good ongoing list can be found on this blog -http://playwrightscalendar.wordpress.com/ – I started entering my plays into competions last year and as a result I have five productions coming up in 2012 (2 in USA, 2 in Australia and 1 in UK). Also, look out for local playwrights groups – some of them are very active in staging new work; even if they don’t produce themselves, they would certainly know of any local opportunities. Interesting that you mention wanting to direct your own plays – I am a theatre director myself, but would never want to direct anything I had written – for me, the pleasure in playwrighting is seeing what other people discover in your writing. All the best with your many ongoing projects. Gary


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