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Post-weekend Poetry 003: ‘For She is Younger’ by John J Hohn

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the third poem in this new weekly series. This week’s piece is entitled ‘For She is Younger’ by John J Hohn, inspired by personal experience.

For She is Younger

I am as strong today,
As you will ever know me—
My stride resolute, as I encircle
Whatever I can of joy;
And wise, more gentle I may become
As you watch me glide
Down the inexorable corridor
That dims into fragility,
Until confusion mounts my high bed
And invades the flesh as vigor ebbs.

And for my turn,
I will see you rise
To your expanse of years;
In the rigor women know,
A generation bred and nurtured,
Care overtaking early morning hours—
The hollyhocks beside the Saturday door—
Late afternoon ripening
Into hurried dinner rituals.

Things being as they are,
Those honored rings of yours
Will clink one day
Against my stone.
Though not my choosing,
I won’t be gleaning
Among the abundant rows
Of your autumn years.

Thank you so much John.


John J. Hohn is the author of two five-star literary mysteries, Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds, 2011 and a sequel, Breached, 2014. As I Was Passing By, a collection of poems, was published in 2000. His prize-winning poetry appears frequently on his web site along with articles on a variety of subjects. He plans to publish a book of selected works later in 2017.

BreachedHe contributes to various web sites dedicated to writing and publishing. His own website,, features articles on a wide range of topics including book and drama reviews, autobiographical sketches, financial planning, and civil rights.

Born and raised in Yankton, South Dakota, USA, John graduated from St. John’s University in 1961 with a degree in English.

He is the father of four sons and a daughter, a stepfather to a son, and has resided in North Carolina since 1978.

He and his wife Melinda divide their time each year between their home in Winston-Salem, NC and a cabin near West Jefferson, NC.

You can also read John guest blog 1, guest blog 2 and interview.

If you’d like to submit your poem (40 lines max) for consideration for Post-weekend Poetry take a look here.

The blog interviews will return as normal tomorrow with historical romance Grace Elliot – the two hundred and thirty-seventh of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, short story authors, bloggers, biographers, agents, publishers and more. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate further. And I enjoy hearing from readers of my blog; do either leave a comment on the relevant interview (the interviewees love to hear from you too!) and / or email me. You can also read / download my eBooks and free eShorts at Smashwords.

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Self-publishing workshop 31st March 2012, Maryland, USA

I’ve just received an email from YA/fantasy/mystery author, guest blogger and interviewee no.118 TJ Perkins letting me know that a writing friend of hers is running a one-day workshop at the end of March and would I mention it on the blog. It was perfect timing as I was just about to post John J Hohn’s poem for the Post-weekend Poetry slot and I’m always keen to mention anything about writing, especially being self-published myself. 🙂

The details for the workshop can be found on but a summary is…

If you’re serious about self-publishing — whether you have one book, plan to grow into a multi-title micro publisher, or hope your sales will get you a traditional book deal later on — the Self-Publishing Success Intensive will help you achieve your dreams. If you are:

  • A novelist frustrated by rejections and low advances
  • An entrepreneur looking to establish expertise and attract business
  • A speaker aiming for bigger, more lucrative gigs
  • A leader of an organization with content to re-purpose

Then join publishing insider Ally Peltier and Internet marketing expert Angela Render for this one-day, info-packed intensive and learn everything you need to know for self-publishing success.

Sounds good to me. Just a shame I live in the UK. 🙂

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BWT podcast short stories no.004

Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast ‘short stories’ episode number 4 went live today, Monday 2nd January. This is a new series tucked in between the now-monthly hints & tips and red pen critique sessions.

The first few weeks are the flash fiction that have appeared on my blog as ‘Flash Fiction Fridays’, at three per fortnight and today’s were Confession by Theodore P. Druch, The White Witch of England by Jane Risdon and ‘One Christmas‘ by Rosanne Dingli, all coming out just under 1,000 words each. Unlike the red pen session, I don’t critique these stories but simply read them out and I hope you enjoy this new format.

Born in Milwaukee, educated at Brandeis and later at the Timothy Leary commune in Millbrook, NY, Theodore P. Druch, Ted to his friends, spent most of his life in trivial pursuits – like making a living. After chucking it all and traveling around the world for ten years like a dandelion seed on the wind, he settled in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is an active member of the Puerto Vallarta Writer’s Group, and conducts a weekly workshop for serious authors. In the last two years, Ted has published four full-length non-fiction e-books, and is currently working on his first novel, a historical fantasy of 1492 called King David’s Harp. He fully expects it to be a blockbusting best-seller, filled as it is with pirates, adventurers, corrupt popes and priests, several heroes and heroines, and a search for clues to the hiding place of the harp of King David, the recovery of which might bring about the return of the Messiah. Ted’s books are available at Amazon for the Kindle and at Smashwords for all other readers. Footprints on a Small Planet is also available as a trade paperback through Amazon. Ted’s blog can be found at and you can watch his African Odyssey trailer on YouTube.

For the last thirty years Jane Risdon has worked in the International Music Industry as an Artiste Manager, producer and music publisher with her husband who was a professional musician when they met over forty years ago. Working with successful recording artists, producers and songwriters she has also been involved in placing music on TV and movie soundtracks, including Baywatch, Sirens, Beach Clash, Power Rangers, The Jersey Girl, Zenon 3 (Power Rangers) and others. She has lived and worked in Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, USA, as well as Europe and England – working with both English, American, European and Chinese artists in all genres of music. Jane has been writing for years, has been published in the Music Press, is researching her family history and is writing a crime novel, a series of village comedies and various short stories, and is soon to collaborate on a novel with an award-winning writer. She is married with one son and three grandchildren and enjoys photography and the countryside and anything to do with history and science. When she’s not doing all that she can be found hanging out with her fellow Writers for Welfare (including myself) on Facebook.  You can also find her writing in the ‘I am Woman’ anthology, available on and

Rosanne Dingli is the Western Australian author of According to Luke, Death in Malta and six collections of short stories. She is the award-winning writer who published All the Wrong Places, her poetry collection, in 1991. Her travels in Europe, the UK, Australia and South-East Asia have informed her writing. She lives in Perth, still loves cacti, and now collects yellow crockery. You can find her at and (the latter has some wonderful fish!).

The podcast itself is available via iTunesGoogle’s FeedburnerPodbean (when it catches up), Podcasters (which takes even longer) or Podcast Alley (which doesn’t list the episodes but will let you subscribe).

Thank you for listening to this new short story episode. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to bringing you another in a fortnight. In the meantime, next Monday’s episode will be a hints and tips. All the links mentioned in the episodes are listed on the podcast page of this blog.

If you’d like to take part in anything I do whether it’s an interview, spotlight, guest blog, flash fiction, poetry, or have your short story or novel extract critiqued on this podcast then do let me know – my email address is  You can also read / download my eBooks and free eShorts at Smashwords, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Bookstore and Kobo. And I have a new forum at

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