Post-weekend Poetry 003: ‘For She is Younger’ by John J Hohn

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the third poem in this new weekly series. This week’s piece is entitled ‘For She is Younger’ by John J Hohn, inspired by personal experience.

For She is Younger

I am as strong today,
As you will ever know me—
My stride resolute, as I encircle
Whatever I can of joy;
And wise, more gentle I may become
As you watch me glide
Down the inexorable corridor
That dims into fragility,
Until confusion mounts my high bed
And invades the flesh as vigor ebbs.

And for my turn,
I will see you rise
To your expanse of years;
In the rigor women know,
A generation bred and nurtured,
Care overtaking early morning hours—
The hollyhocks beside the Saturday door—
Late afternoon ripening
Into hurried dinner rituals.

Things being as they are,
Those honored rings of yours
Will clink one day
Against my stone.
Though not my choosing,
I won’t be gleaning
Among the abundant rows
Of your autumn years.

Thank you so much John.


John J. Hohn is the author of two five-star literary mysteries, Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds, 2011 and a sequel, Breached, 2014. As I Was Passing By, a collection of poems, was published in 2000. His prize-winning poetry appears frequently on his web site along with articles on a variety of subjects. He plans to publish a book of selected works later in 2017.

BreachedHe contributes to various web sites dedicated to writing and publishing. His own website,, features articles on a wide range of topics including book and drama reviews, autobiographical sketches, financial planning, and civil rights.

Born and raised in Yankton, South Dakota, USA, John graduated from St. John’s University in 1961 with a degree in English.

He is the father of four sons and a daughter, a stepfather to a son, and has resided in North Carolina since 1978.

He and his wife Melinda divide their time each year between their home in Winston-Salem, NC and a cabin near West Jefferson, NC.

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