Self-publishing workshop 31st March 2012, Maryland, USA

I’ve just received an email from YA/fantasy/mystery author, guest blogger and interviewee no.118 TJ Perkins letting me know that a writing friend of hers is running a one-day workshop at the end of March and would I mention it on the blog. It was perfect timing as I was just about to post John J Hohn’s poem for the Post-weekend Poetry slot and I’m always keen to mention anything about writing, especially being self-published myself. 🙂

The details for the workshop can be found on but a summary is…

If you’re serious about self-publishing — whether you have one book, plan to grow into a multi-title micro publisher, or hope your sales will get you a traditional book deal later on — the Self-Publishing Success Intensive will help you achieve your dreams. If you are:

  • A novelist frustrated by rejections and low advances
  • An entrepreneur looking to establish expertise and attract business
  • A speaker aiming for bigger, more lucrative gigs
  • A leader of an organization with content to re-purpose

Then join publishing insider Ally Peltier and Internet marketing expert Angela Render for this one-day, info-packed intensive and learn everything you need to know for self-publishing success.

Sounds good to me. Just a shame I live in the UK. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Self-publishing workshop 31st March 2012, Maryland, USA

  1. Neil L. Yuzuk says:

    Hi Morgen,

    Sounds fascinating and I considered it. It’s an easy 3 – 4 hour drive and I have friends in the area that I could have visted with, as well.

    However, the cost is far out of line for a one day conference – USD$299 – 499.

    In Euros, that is a range of 235 – 391. And in British Pounds Sterling, a range of 194 – 323.

    I attended a very full 4 day conference recently on beautiful (almost tropical) Sanibel Island, Florida for a lot less – USD$350.

    Being an Indie writer has sharpened my shopping skills.


  2. Neil L. Yuzuk says:

    Then maybe the priorities are wrong. I go to conferences to learn. I just got news of a 2-day writers conference at the Sheraton Hotel in mid-town Manhattan that is less expensive.

    Oh well, why am I complaining to you? Guilt I think.


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