9 thoughts on “Author interview no.266 with writer Nerys Parry

  1. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    I agree with the comment that you have ‘weak’ periods as opposed to writer’s block. I am going through one of those right now. I also agree that I keep getting tougher with my expectations of myself. Though I am just a beginner. 🙂

    Great interview. Thank you.


      • Nerys Parry says:

        I met a shaman who told me to practice ‘beginner’s mind’, because it is in the state of ignorance that we receive the most lessons. It was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard. Now, every time I sit down and write I do so as a beginner. I hope I never stop being a beginner in writing, even after ten more years! Not only does it open me up to trying new things, it keeps my enthusiasm alive, too.


    • Nerys Parry says:

      Yvonne, sorry to hear you’re in the writer’s doldrums, and hope it clears up soon. I’ve given up on thinking it will ever be easy, in fact, I’m hoping it never gets to the point where there’s nothing left to learn. Then what would be the point?

      Thanks for reading the interview, and I’ll see you on twitter.



      • morgenbailey says:

        I’ve heard household authors (names escape me) say they’re still learning so I think you’re safe Nerys, as we all are. If we don’t experience new things we can’t write about them. 🙂


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