Post-weekend Poetry 007: T-wit … T-woo by Ruth Holroyd

Welcome to the new Post-weekend Poetry and the seventh poem in this series. This week Ruth Holroyd returns with ‘T-wit … T-woo’, a piece inspired by real life, and she says is for anyone who has spent hours contemplating the thoughtlessness of their sleeping partner. 🙂


T-wit … T-woo

I listen to the night
Lying in bed
Wrapped up tight
The moonlight touching my head

A tawny owl calls T-wit!
To his mate, who replies
Simply, T-woo!
Calls thrown to dark skies

They are as one
Two owls, one voice
Do you woo me?
You have a choice

It’s the hard cold shoulder
No words, just the bony
Unspeaking, jutting boulder
Turned, thrust, towards me

And I, left lying here
Listening to the night
A rustle, the wind
Things moving out of sight

All alone – feeling blue
No T-wit for my T-woo
Just cold and still as stone
Beside me – You!

Not caring a bit
Not one T-wit
for my quiet unspoken, dwindling T-woo
What a Git!

🙂 Thank you, Ruth.

Ruth works as a freelance copywriter and marketing communications professional in Buckinghamshire.  She writes company case studies and copy edits brochures and websites.  She also writes regular articles and features about living with allergies and food intolerances. Her allergy blog,, was voted in the top 5 allergy blogs in the UK in 2011 and she is one of the guest judges at the Free From Food Awards 2012.  You can read some more of her writing here.

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6 thoughts on “Post-weekend Poetry 007: T-wit … T-woo by Ruth Holroyd

    • Ruth Holroyd says:

      Thank you Simon. I’m glad you like it. I was inspired by my husband’s amazing ability to never take things too seriously, and sleep on an arguement. Something I’ve never been able to do, and having learnt that one owl twits and other twoos this poem kind of came from that. One annoying night laying there listerning to his snores and the owls outside! Communication is the key!


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