Short Story Saturdays – review no.001

Welcome to the first of my new short story reviews and today is ‘A Coffin and Bubblegum’ by ‘Mesis September‘. I don’t post the story itself but give very short feedback (not usually this short but it was a short short story!).

I’m a new Kindle owner and this one was the first I chose being just 165 words long (although the description says 320 it has the usual Smashwords intro information) and I don’t need to say anything about the story as the title says it all (other than that it includes a girl).

I gave it 4 stars out of 5, saying:

“I loved this. Quirky flash fiction is my favourite. And it’s intimate with the reader – always a winner.

Only lost a star because of a tense slip (‘The girl gasp’ should have been ‘The girl gasped’ – sorry, I’m a picky editor / writer :)).”

You can find the story on Smashwords at – for free. 🙂

There are has other stories available via links on the same page. This is the only free one but the others (longer) are just $0.99 and $1.99. Mesis is on Facebook, Twitter and has a blog entitled ‘Stop Just Being And Become‘.

If you would like to submit your short story for review (up to 2,500 words please) feel free to email me enclosing an optional short third-person biography, photo or two (or yourself and / or covers) and where to find you (and your books for sale if you have any).

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