Post-weekend Poetry 008: ‘Funny World’ by Linda Eve Diamond

Welcome to the new Post-weekend Poetry and the eighth poem in this series. This week’s piece is an unlucky poem, especially for today, the 13th February, entitled ‘Funny World’ by Linda Eve Diamond and is taken from her collection The Human Experience (2007).

Life is funny, so they say, when fate seems cruel.
I’m not sure I always get the jokes from here.

I seem to get burned when cosmic wit hits.
I’m the straight man in life’s slapstick bits.

Punch lines sometimes bruise a little,
but I’m sure it’s very funny.

Yagotta laugh they say erelse you’ll cry
‘cause it’s so damn funny.

I asked Linda what prompted this piece and to tell me a little about her writing…

I don’t recall this poem being inspired by anything in particular. The expression, “Life is funny,” struck me funny one day, and the bad-luck character, bruised by punch lines, just tumbled out into a poem.

My writing began in corporate training, basic skills, and technical materials. From there, I began writing business and educational books. I also began writing a great deal about listening and communication skills and started a website dedicated to listening skills at My latest book, E-Z Spelling (Barron’s Educational Series, 2011), was my 10th. I’m now shifting my focus more toward poetry, creative writing, and creating a new series of poetry videos. For anyone interested in updates, I have a monthly newsletter and links to my social networking pages on my Website,

I loved it! Thank you Linda.

Linda Eve Diamond is the author of several books in the areas of business, education, self-help and poetry. Her work (and play) earned two awards from the International Listening Association and a Coffee House Press Poetry Award. Her poetry and essays have been published in journals, anthologies and online.

Her websites are:,, You can also read more of Linda’s poetry here.

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