Flash Fiction Friday 025: ‘Discarded’ by Karina Kantas

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the twenty-fifth piece of flash fiction in this series. This week’s is a 279-worder by Karina Kantas.


I am superwoman 2100. Do not laugh. I am serious. My programmers call me Shelia.

Built so I could live amongst you, I look, act, and talk just like you and you would never know the difference.

I can run faster than a cheetah, can hear finer than a bat, and possess sight a golden eagle could only wish for.

I am a prototype, first of my kind.

I do not recall the year they created me, nor the year present, for time has no relevance to me. I do not sleep, but I feel all human emotions.

I can laugh, cry, and feel sad, and yes, I can love; molded to please the eye of every hungry male and capable of fulfilling all desires.

Oh how I long for company.

It won’t be long – they’ll be coming for me soon, and then I will be honoured and respected.

I feel, and can experience all human senses. However, I am not human.

I long to see the fallen leaves of autumn, to hear the children’s laughter as they run through summer meadows, to breath the fragrance of spring and to touch and play with the snow of winter.

I am lonely.

They’ll be coming for me soon – and then I will be amongst you, living.

My directives are yet to be defined.

Programmed in every form of combat, I will use deadly force when deemed necessary. My strength is such; I can rip through steel as though butter.

I am unique.

They will be coming for me soon…

I am superwoman 2100 – 2 – 2 – 2100. Do not laugh. I am serious. My programmers call me Shelia…

I asked Karina what prompted this piece and (when she stopped laughing… no-one had asked this question before… I like to be awkward) she said…

I think I came up with the idea after watching I Robot with Will Smith. It’s scary to think we give so much power over to machines.

A film with mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it… as I did your story. Thank you, Karina. 🙂

Karina Kantas writes novels, short stories and when her imagination is working over time, she writes thought-provoking / dark flash fiction.

She writes in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, YA and thrillers and is presently working on two new novels: Road Rage; an urban thriller, and Broken Chains; MI5 thriller.

With over thirty publications, Karina Kantas doesn’t just want to be known as an author of exciting motorcycle fiction, so she continues expanding her genre writing.

She is also the owner and editor of http://www.urban-novels.com and can be found on Twitter.com @karinakantasFacebook, Myspace and IndieWriter.

Her inspirations are the author S.E.Hinton and the rock band Iron Maiden.

Titles to date 
In Times of Violence: YA romance / thriller
Stone Cold: YA supernatural thriller
Lawless Justice: vigilante thriller
Heads & Tales: Diverse collection of flash and short fiction (available for the Kindle).
Huntress: urban thriller (links, excerpts and reviews).

‘Discarded’ was originally published 2008 by Karina Kantas in Heads & Tales a collection of flash and short, thought provoking fiction.

If you’d like to submit your 1,000-word max. stories for consideration for Flash Fiction Friday take a look here.

The blog interviews will return as normal tomorrow with multi-genre author Kathy Lynn Harris – the three hundred and fourth of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, short story authors, bloggers, biographers, agents, publishers and more. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate further. In the afternoon I will be reviewing short story ’Mercy?‘ by Sean Durity then in the evening will be shining my spotlight on multi-genre author Sylvia Ramsey.

I love hearing from readers of my blog (as do my guests); do either leave a comment on the relevant interview and / or email me.

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