The 7th Annual Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference by Theodore P Druch

A few weeks ago I posted an announcement about this Puerto Vallarta conference and I’m pleased to bring a report from its director, and regular Flash Fiction Fridays contributor, Theodore P Druch.

The 7th Annual Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference

The 7th Annual Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference was a success in spite of my losing two major presenters.

Two weeks before the conference, Mitchell Wieland, editor of the Idaho Review, one of the top literary magazines in the US, informed me that he had suffered a herniated disc and would not be attending.

A little fancy dancing and I managed to get the other presenters to take on a bit more to make up for it.

Then, one week before the conference, Jacquelyn Mitchard, the keynote speaker, informed me that she had to undergo surgery and would not be able to attend either.

Luckily, we have several other conference organizers in our group, and I was able to secure the services of Caleb Pirtle, author of 55 books and a successful Hollywood screenwriter. Together with James Strauss, also a successful screenwriter, they kept us in stitches.

William C. Gordon, an author of detective fiction, and married to Isabel Allende, was tapped for the keynote speech and several workshops.

Marie Beswick-Arthur, a local children’s author, took over the children’s and young adults workshop and did a marvelous job with the help of Erin Staley, another of our published authors.

Dan Grippo and Joy Eckel, also local members did a workshop on editing and structure that got the highest marks of all.

Another of our members, Eileen Obser who teaches creative writing at several colleges and universities in the New York area presented three workshops on writing memoirs and essays.

Joseph M. Staszak, a publisher who lives in Mexico City handled workshops on e-publishing, and Luis Cotto, a professional photographer was flitting around all over the place taking photos that he will be offering free to all the attendees.

In addition, we had two agents in attendance, Marcy Posner of Folio Literary Management of NYC, and Susan Crawford of the Crawford Literary Agency, so everyone who had a book to pitch got to pitch it twice.

Several of us have already been signed.

The highlight of the conference was the Sunday Book Fair during which all our authors got to sell their books while the crowd was held entranced by a Mexican Folk Dance troupe and Mariachis, and fed their faces from several local Mexican food vendors who put up their tables on the grounds of the beautiful Los Mangos library that hosted the Conference.

All in all, a huge success.

Thank you, Ted, I’m so glad it went well.

Born in Milwaukee, educated at Brandeis and later at the Timothy Leary commune in Millbrook, NY, Theodore P. Druch, Ted to his friends, spent most of his life in trivial pursuits – like making a living. After chucking it all and traveling around the world for ten years like a dandelion seed on the wind, he settled in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is an active member of the Puerto Vallarta Writer’s Group, and conducts a weekly workshop for serious authors. In the last two years, Ted has published four full-length non-fiction e-books, and is currently working on his first novel, a historical fantasy of 1492 called King David’s Harp. He fully expects it to be a blockbusting best-seller, filled as it is with pirates, adventurers, corrupt popes and priests, several heroes and heroines, and a search for clues to the hiding place of the harp of King David, the recovery of which might bring about the return of the Messiah.

Ted’s books are available at Amazon for the Kindle and at Smashwords for all other readers.

Footprints on a Small Planet is also available as a trade paperback through Amazon. Ted’s blog can be found at and you can watch his African Odyssey trailer here.

You can also read some of Ted’s short stories on my Flash Fiction Fridays page. 🙂

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