Post-weekend Poetry 015: ‘The Cobbod Cold’ by Linda Eve Diamond

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the fifteenth poem in this series. This week’s piece welcomes back Linda Eve Diamond and ‘The Cobbod Cold’ taken from her collection The Human Experience (2007)

The Cobbod Cold

Dothig like a cold to bake you blue,
dostalgic for days whed you were sball.
Bob would bake chicked soup
ad kiss your forehead whed she tucked you id.

A good bad will take care of you
serve you bango juice ad cababile tea.
But the chicked soup frob a cad
is dothig like the way bob bakes it,
ad your good bad thinks you called hib a cad
whed all you said was cad-cad-cad of soup

Ad you wand do be robandtic
but your nd-ndose flows ad bubbles.
Dot good for abbiadce,
dor is your teary eye.

You’re achey, you’re drippy,
your braid is buddled.
Baby you feel like a baby
for feeling like you wadda die
frob a cobbod cold.

So you get lost in sob busic,
that’s good bedicid.
Sing that song about barbalade skies.

I asked Linda what prompted this piece and she said…

I wanted to write about the common cold in the language of a cold.  Not only do we suffer with the cold itself, we suffer the frustrations of having our m’s changed to b’s and many of our n’s to d’s, and, overall, sounding just plain silly. But dere’s do cure for de cobbod cold or de way id bakes us talk so fuddy.  So, we might as well just have fun with it.  🙂

I loved it! Thank you, Linda.

Linda Eve Diamond is the author of several books in the areas of business, education, self-help and poetry. Her work (and play) earned two awards from the International Listening Association and a Coffee House Press Poetry Award. Her poetry and essays have been published in journals, anthologies and online. Her websites are:,, You can also read more of Linda’s poetry here.

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