Post-weekend Poetry 016: ‘True Love’ by Sandy Hartman

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the sixteenth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Sandy Hartman.

True Love

Alphabet teeth grin from the text box
Caging voices that pledge love’s promise forever
Keeping me chained to my cell phone
Punching my life out in keypad squares

Best friend to a neon chameleon
Held here in my hand like a comfortable stone
Offering kisses in pics and flicks
Flashing in colors my lifeline to love
Giving to me
Its battery heart and faithful digital soul

I asked Sandy what prompted this piece and she said…

I wrote this over 4 years ago before cell phones became the magic handheld wonders they are now. I love them indeed. They have changed our world beyond recognition with nearly apocalyptic speed and force. But even now as I updated some of the words in the poem to reflect the latest technological twist, I have the same concerns as before. Every new techy toy drastically changes the warmth and intimacy of our personal relationships with others, both for good and ill.  It takes time to develop and be comfortable with the very new less intimate – although instant – culture needed to bring out the best in our lives. I rather suspect that in many ways, we are lonelier than ever.

It was a charming poem, thank you Sandy.

Sandy is a retired public school teacher at the high school and junior high levels, a member of Pen Women of America, Moxy Laureate for and the creator of the site Her poetry is published in several journals and three poems placed first in various contests. She does not self-publish, her hubris in creating, she says, is quite enough. She’s had the good fortune to travel to several countries in Asia and lived for a time in Saigon, Vietnam and Vientiane, Laos during the war. She is most of all, a visionary poet, as you can well see by her site.

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