Post-weekend Poetry 017: ‘When the Great Strength Fails’ by Louis J Casson

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the seventeenth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Louis J Casson.

When the Great Strength Fails

When the great strength fails
Atlas stumbling to his knees
blue green white ball
shifted and tilted scary, folks uncertain
where these degrees of angle lead.

When the paradigms shift
the strong Ox falling
cartilage and collagenous fibres
separate to snap
neighbors calling lost and wary
say so alive or dead.

When the markets crash
governments hot steppin.
as tha ultimate risk manager.
May be pinstriped bureaucrats
but they sure ain’t got no answers,
there’s no fly dancer.

When the great day o ‘doom
come to meet tha sinner man.
Rescue all from modern Babylon like Eygpt
wit his everlovin arm. Come tha fire from heaven
I’s looking whichway to bail
keep in mind some comfort saying
is tha Lord’s arm too short to fail?

When all we have is upturned
and ended in some ball of confusion.
Simply honesty and love will guide to some light
beyond the slick and useless platitudes I’s now using.

When the great love fails
casting out lovers from warmth
to cold alone night.
Left only with some love counter ticket
on the back a question
How long a season till light?

When the great life fails
and love’s shared little moments cease.
The together dream now ended
the wheel freed now turns so.
Pleasant times and fortune
have run their lease.

I asked Louis what prompted this piece and he said…

“When the Great Strength Fails” is a poem in reaction to and addressing the hard times economically we are now in; but also on a personal level when disappointments come to us all.

Hence you’ll find references to markets and governments, but also “in the mix” as it were…

  • References to apocalyptic literature (biblical) day of doom, world tilted.
  • Metaphors and parallels to the strong failing (Ox) world tilted.
  • The language varies; in turns street speak (Harlem: “hot steppin”) to a more literary (academic ?) tone, reflecting the possible words and thoughts of those in various parts society and the world to events unfolding.
  • What, if anything will lead us to a better day? In the poem we get some hints: Love, hope, that faith in light coming later.
  • We start with the “great strength” failing, going on to the great “X“ failing in other verses.

The above sounds impressive, in reality the poem came and this analysis that I’m writing now later.

Poetry writing is not an entirely logical brain process folks! In part I make the poem, in part some is “given” by the muse. All sorts of what you may have experienced, read, seen, heard; as well as your own opinions and views, will emerge in the process of composing. Part of poetry’s mystery and delight is that the unspoken ambiguity in the lines leave room for each readers own unique meanings to emerge.

Thank you, Louis.

Currently living in Northamptonshire, England, Louis visits the Lake District frequently where he was born. His arts activities include writing; publishing poetry and lyrics. Also music: main instruments, bass guitar and guitar.

Honorable mention in the 17th Billboard World Song Contest (2009). Category: Blues and R & B. Lyrics writer for Blues, Country, Jazz and other musical styles. Album “Love and Blues” by Casson / Sheinman on iTunes. Poetry and lyrics collections published on Amazon Kindle; “See You in the Big Time” being his latest book (2011). You can find out more about Louis from his blog, Behance portfolio site (book extracts and MP3 audio files) and Louis J. Casson on Amazon Kindle.

‘When the Great Strength Fails’ and associated text © Louis J. Casson 2012 all rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Post-weekend Poetry 017: ‘When the Great Strength Fails’ by Louis J Casson


    Interesting! Would have loved to have the interview from you but has got no dough though. I granted interview to Vanguard Nigeria based on my book, His in
    I would like to know if it’s free(laughs)! If not, I’ll still be grateful to you for sparing your busy schedules to read my mail.
    Thanks, Cynthia Echeme!


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