Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast – short stories ep.10

Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast ‘short stories’ episode number 10 went live today.

I’ve been starting off the first few weeks with the flash fiction that have appeared on my blog as ‘Flash Fiction Fridays’, reading out three per fortnight. Eventually I’ll run out so do email me should you like to submit your own (clean and not too graphic please).

This episode contained 753-worded ‘Refugees in the cave’ by Joy V Smith,  ‘Baby Fat’ a 837-worder by Sheila Pierson, and a ’A Fine Day’ (1498 words) by Jim Sellers, the latter of which hasn’t appeared on Flash Fiction Fridays as it’s longer than the 1,000-word maximum but is available to read on Jim’s website ( The links to all these are on this blog’s podcast’s short stories page. I don’t critique them but simply read them out and I hope you enjoy this format. See the links above to read the stories… or hear my dulcet tones on the podcast.

Sheila Pierson is a writer and has finally come to grips with this, and without therapy. She has written short stories, essays and poetry since she was a young child, now pursuing this craft with the passion she has for it. She is currently working on a collection of short stories for publication. The novel always lurks in the shadows, grumbling in the corners of her bedroom just as she drifts off to sleep. Sheila blogs at and can be found on Twitter @sheilapierson1.

Joy was born on a farm in Wisconsin and still love barns and the smell of silage (“an acquired taste,” she says).  She lived in Boston after graduating from college, and is now back in Florida (not retired) where she spent some of her childhood. After selling wildlife habitat in the country, she bought a foreclosure earlier this year and had to replace the kitchen, among other things. They’d even taken the kitchen sink! Thanks to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which takes place each November, Joy’s now written three novels. She three blogs: her writing blog, her media blog and her house blog.

Jim Sellers is a writer and musician, pro on the former and avid amateur on the latter. His website is shared between his two primary interests; as a writer posting short stories and useful links and in the Guitar Player pages you will see samples of his music and some thoughts I have on playing music.

Thank you for downloading / listening to this short story episode – I hope you enjoyed it. The next episode will be a hints & tips episode then short stories return a fortnight thereafter.

All the details of the podcast episodes are listed on the podcast page and sub-pages and my email address to submit a short story for critique (or review for the Short Story Saturdays) is

The podcast is available via iTunes, Google’s Feedburner, Podbean (when it catches up), Podcasters (which takes even longer) or Podcast Alley (which doesn’t list the episodes but will let you subscribe).

You can also read / download my eBooks and free eShorts at Smashwords, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Bookstore and Kobo. My eBooks are now on Amazon, with more to follow, and I also have a quirky second-person viewpoint story in charity anthology Telling Tales. I have a new forum and you can follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, like me on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn, find me on Tumblr, complete my website’s Contact me page or plain and simple, email me. I am now also looking for flash fiction (<1000 words) for Flash Fiction Fridays and poetry for my Post-weekend Poetry page.

6 thoughts on “Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast – short stories ep.10

  1. patgarcia says:

    Hi Morgen,
    I listened to your last reading this morning of the three flash fiction stories and really enjoyed all three and especially the one from my DSWG colleague, Jim Sellers.


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