5 thoughts on “Author interview no.348 with thriller writer Rachel Abbott

  1. Patricia Gligor says:

    How nice to read about another writer who plots, plans, organizes, outlines! So many writers seem to be “pantsters,” as they call themselves. They sit down and start typing, preferring to discover the story line as they write.
    Like you, I need to know everything about my characters before I write a word. That’s not to say I can’t add, change, delete as I write. For me, it’s like going on a vacation. I like to know where I’m heading and the best route to get there. If I prefer or if it becomes necessary, I can always take a side trip off my scheduled itinerary or make an unexpected stop along the way.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hi Patricia. I went to Chipping Norton Literary Festival on Saturday and one of the authors (I think it was Katie Fforde) said that there are as many methods to the writing process as authors and I’m finding out through this blog how many of those there are. 🙂


  2. Rachel Abbott says:

    Hi Patricia. I seem to get more and more obsessed with the planning. But the thing is, once I start to write the planning materials become more like references that I can look up. that’s because by the time I start to write, the plan and the characters are completely understood. I may have to look up when they got married or some other detail, but I know what happens to them. However, like you, I do change things as I go along, and I find myself introducing new twists that seem to develop as the story progresses. It’s fascinating, and such great fun!


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