Free eBook on Kindle: AJ Kirby’s ‘Bully’

Regular contributor to this blog is horror writer (and author of other genres) and interviewee AJ Kirby, and I’m delighted to say that one of his Kindle novels is currently available to download for free.

AJ Kirby is the award-winning author of five novels (Paint this town Red, 2012; Perfect World, 2011; Bully, 2009; The Magpie Trap, 2008; When Elephants Walk through the Gorbals, 2007), two novellas (The Black Book, 2011; and Call of the Sea, 2010), one novelette (Bed Peace, 2011) and over forty published short stories (some of which have appeared on this blog’s Flash Fiction Fridays). He is also a sportswriter for the Professional Footballers’ Association and a reviewer for The Short Review and The New York Journal of Books.

It’s is the aforementioned ‘Bully’ that is available as a free eBook and here are a few words to entice you further…

They say you should never go back. But sometimes you don’t have a choice.
After Gary Bull’s miraculous survival from an explosion in Afghanistan, he is compelled to return to the small town where he grew up, a place that he thought he would never set his eyes upon again. Memories of a past long buried come back to him and he finds himself forced to face the horror of what he did when he was young. It started with the bullying…

Newton Mills appears normal enough on the surface, but scratch the surface and there is something far more sinister.

It has more than its fair share of graveyards and the skeletons are liable to walk right out of the closet.

Newton Mills is the scene of a despicable crime.

No one gets out alive. 

The reviews received for ‘Bully’ so far have been 5*, with one comparing AJ to Harris (Thomas, presumably) and King (I’d say Stephen). 🙂

It is available for a limited time only on and

I’ve downloaded it and look forward to reading it. If you do download it and read it, please do leave AJ a review – reviews mean the world to us authors. 🙂

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