13 thoughts on “Author interview no.381 with urban fantasy writer and artist Shonna White

  1. Shonna White says:

    Thanks for the great interview Morgen, I enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. If I get some free time, I’ll pop on and look at some of the other great opportunities you have on your blog.


  2. Shonna White says:

    And I probably should have specified that by ‘attacked’ by my English teacher, she grabbed me in the hallway and hugged me. In the middle of lunchhour. In a hall full of other students. Horrifying and motivating at the same time!


    • Shonna White says:

      Hahah! Well she was a wee bit nutty, that lady, but not that nutty! You can feel sorry for me that awkward teenage, already socially inept Shonna was highly embarressed by the act until years later.


  3. Shonna White says:

    That’s awesome! I’ll add that she was a middle school teacher, published children’s book author, and ‘eccentric’. That is in quotes because most of my classmates were sure that she was certifiably insane.


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