14 thoughts on “Author interview no.394 with multi-genre writer Linda Hays-Gibbs

  1. James M. Copeland says:

    Linda Gibbs, I am glad to know you. I followed the disaster in Tuscaloosa every day during the April 27th storm. I live in Winston county West of Cullman AL. I have two books out, one- Bottom Bones at Create Space and Amazon, and to be approved next week, The Escapes of Madlyn Witherspoon. It is a life’s love story about a young girl who runs away from home and her further escapes. My web site is http://www.jamesmcopelandbooks.com. I enjoyed your interview with Morgan. Sounds like you have had a very interesting life. More later.
    Best regards,
    James M. Copeland


  2. lindahaysgibbs says:

    Thank you! Thank you all, thank you
    Ms. Bailey for the honor of being on your blog. I appreciate everyone’s comments especially James, Dina and Rebecca. I have had a horrible time commenting because I could not sign in with my old password. I made a new password so I’m hoping this one gets in here.
    I love writing and hearing fellow authors comments on my work. It is wonderful to have fans and for people to like your work. Thank you all and again especially Morgen for everything.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls


  3. Sally says:

    Linda: I find myself plotting stories all the time and must control myself. You must have some control to be able to find your conclusions. I do run with some of my imagination and then go back and rewrite and refigure. It is best to plot if you are able. It leads to less rewrites.

    Linda, you are a woman after my own heart. I am a plotter, too. I like to know the end, long before I get there, it gives me something to write towards.

    My Angel, My Light as Darkness Falls is getting many happy reviews. I wish you continuing interviews and awesome sales.



  4. Linda Drue Hays-Gibbs says:

    I have had such a mess with my many emails and passwords, it gets very confusing to say the least. I suppose I should just delete this identity and start all over again but I decided I can use facebook for now. Now at least people can see who they are talking to and my reply. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for all the replies. I was very happy with the interview. Thanks again, Morgen.


    • morgenbailey says:

      You’re very welcome. I’m sorry on behalf of WordPress that you had so much trouble getting online. I had to change my LinkedIn password yesterday because of the security leak they had… the disadvantage of being online, but the advantages outweigh it. 🙂


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