2 thoughts on “Author interview no.404 with writer William Bentrim

  1. William Bentrim says:


    Thank you for the space and the interview, as I mentioned, marketing isn’t my favorite thing so hopefully this can be considered marketing. I am for sale in the UK Amazon and not long ago I did a tech support call on the Amazon Fire for a friend in Bath. Wicked Good is currently being re-laid out as my illustrator was not happy with the way I laid it out and she asked me if she could re-do it. It remains to be seen if I like it better but you should have people do work for you if you aren’t willing to listen to them. She is also re-illustrating The Boy with the Pump, my original illustrations and illustrator had trouble maintaining age consistency throughout the story. So hopefully two books coming out soon. In addition I have had Mommy’s Black Eye translated into Spanish. Sadly (LOL) my translator and a local Spanish teacher who is my second set of eyes have had differing opinions on how to express my words. Since my high school Spanish was a dismal D, I have no clue how to proceed with that. However I will persevere as Spanish speaking citizens have the largest growth in the USA populations. I’m working on a book on divorce and a more light hearted non-social issue book about an 8 year old girl’s obsession with rocks.

    Thank you again for your wonderful venue here.



    • morgenbailey says:

      You’re so welcome, Bill. It was great to find out about you and your books, and you’re certainly not resting on your laurels are you.

      My lodger is Mexican but is learning English (we have reasonable conversations) so not sure if that would help you, perhaps with proof-reading but not the translation methinks.



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