12 thoughts on “Author interview no.410 with multi-genre writer Lev Raphael

  1. Mary Firmin says:

    Again, Morgen, you did an outstanding job of interviewing Mr. Raphael. He is obviously a brilliant multifaceted talent and you displayed his diversity with your fabulous skills. Keep up the good work, Morgen. All the best, Mary Firmin, Deadly Pleasures


  2. dborys says:

    I’m sorry I missed this interview when it was first posted. Lev is one of my favorite writer peoples to hang with. He was a workshop leader one year at the Novels In Progress Workshop I used to go to in Louisville Kentucky. That year was one of the best: Lev Raphael and my first introduction to tequila. He would go out with us in the evenings to some of the fun spots and a year or two later when he was passing through Chicago, he and I and Anna Harrington, another participant from the conference, replicated the tequila tasting experience at a gay strip club in Boy’s Town. Soooo fun–thanks for the memories, Lev!


      • dborys says:

        The strip club may have just been a gay bar–I could be melding two different memories. I think we went out for pizza somewhere first. And I don’t think you were around during the tequila drinking at the conference–it was in the dorm lounge late one night/early one morning. Although I seem to remember tequila being mentioned in your workshop by someone as a joke or part of an exercise or something. Either way, it was all fun and educational in many ways.


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