Post-weekend Poetry 028: Droplet by Kimberly Gray

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the twenty-eighth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by poet, prose and article writer Kimberly Gray.

and so,

she refused to ponder
why she was dry
when water poured from the sky
and lizards scattered for cover
she could not be penetrated
not even by nature
and so she walked with her cane
both hips out of joint
while smoking a menthol
never a worry to be different
bruised ankles and a slippery umbrella handle
kept her mind working
read into that all that you will
she minds not of your opinion
one single droplet
found on pavement
had her mesmerized
wanting to squish it
but could not bend forward
or tumble she would
ugly she truly was
to the degree of scary
side note of an information tidbit
huffed then and proceeded to limp
the garden was wet but still not she
cactus were buried amongst the arrangement
all rooted for future growth
yet many dead, pedals brown
when all should be sketched
charcoal stones dirty from bugs
earths dirt seemingly the cleanest element
must rectify these dead beings
able and ready having not able to get wet
not work but an act of bravery
hips screaming she still persevered
finishing her sculpture of nature by early afternoon
she moved forward to strut her journey
head facing down
no sign of happiness even when she tried
she bitched and moaned
how hard done by was she
not liked by a soul
she loved no one
adored herself
spoke rudely to agitate
yelled at younglings
kicked stray cats
with the power to know
just how to disappear
timing was critical all the time
allow her the space
she will steal it all
listened to everything
so ammunition was ripe
tasted her bad breath with delight
hairy chin as the elderly sport
careless of appearance to delight
seeking refuge in her plastic bags
the cart that stored them was faulty
one wheel flat, another wobbly
held exactly what she needed in life
her skin was plastic
made of colors
torn and stretched
to encase her life
protect her assets
coffin her rubbish
maybe she tasted bitter
maybe not
but onlookers swear she took her shots
hot to rumble anyone
like fried eggs, her center was soft
she led on to new passengers
smoked a pack a day
with black tea stained teeth to prove it
she smiled often to gross someone out
snickered at their reaction
her cart was having a trial
mechanic she was perfection
the cart would soon skateboard again
determined at any thought she lived
every now and again she could be spotted
gluing her shoes to keep her soul
who judge her, how long did she live
those types are delicately snobby
still the water dropped from the sky
yet not touching her one drop
maybe magic held this old woman
maybe fluke attacks to her being
pages of coupons lying to herself
where there is no money one must pretend
seeking refuge in handouts that begged
sought-after compassion to spite her demeanour
kill them she thought at 1st and offering
one that would save her for the next hour
giraffes slowly walk by this rainy day
birds were hiding in towering trees
worms were not afraid

it was them that had to be eaten
to survive the war on water
she left her life a while ago

now just functioning as she must
proud of her anger she moved forward
ate her worms and fixed her cart
in her matrix she was immortal
meeting for nothing
despising the people
even animals large and small
make no apologies
and found herself thirsty
raised her face towards the sky
opened her mouth
it took more than 1 droplet
refreshed she smiled blackening teeth
and turned to stare at a stranger

Wow. Thank you, Kimberly.

Kimberly possesses such a strong desire to reach people.  To reach them in a capacity people will trust she is sincere.  That brought on the donation of time she spends donating much of her writing to charity and the time consuming column of dear addict.

Quite insecure about the quality of her work, she finds it is improving so much over the years the awards were well deserved.

It is not easy for her and at times, mental illness can take over and not allow her to write.  She always says it is the mental illness that gifts her with the imagination to be able to write.

She certainly is determined and has much fun working hard, regardless of the task.

Still loving being the best pillow fighter, holding the best title for champion, 3 years running now.

Being very active online, you can find her at Sunnie Day’s feature, Kimberlyslyrics, Smashwords, Prey, Dear addict, lyricsingray, Hubbie, Top 200, 800 days 1st feature, 2nd feature, one of four blogs, SligoBay and bbnix.

She says “I have been very fortunate to have many blogs and articles written so kindly about me, those are a few. I can also be reached via email:” Kimberley will be my 470th interviewee on 23rd August. 🙂

If you’d like to submit your poem (ideally 40 lines max) for consideration for Post-weekend Poetry take a look here.

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4 thoughts on “Post-weekend Poetry 028: Droplet by Kimberly Gray

  1. bbnix says:

    Kimberly’s poem here is one of my favorites by her. I’ve fallen in love with her character here….a metaphor of strength, perseverance, and a determination to hold true oneself in spite of the world around her. This a poem that so beautiful exposes the precious nuances of this uniquely special woman. We know so much of her having shared a few moments so lovingly brought to us by Kimberly. We care because Kimberly cares. We love this woman, because Kimberly loves us enough to share


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