Author Spotlight no.101 – Stephen Black

Complementing my daily blog interviews, today’s Author Spotlight, the one hundred and first, is of non-fiction author and Unglue contributor Stephen Black.

An American artist / writer / photographer and videomaker currently based in Singapore, Stephen has published a book of photographs as well as several ebooks. His experiences in the sometimes intersecting worlds of art and media include working as a Director of Photography in Okinawa for legendary Japanese actress Kumiko Akiyoshi’s film directorial debut, assisting Annie Leibovitz on photographic shoots throughout Tokyo, arranging for Stelarc and his Prosthetic Head to perform at an exhibition in Singapore and co-writing a text piece about memory, success and architecture with artist Michael Lee for Michael’s installation at the 2012 Singapore Biennale. Stephen has written, produced, and / or directed promos and videos for companies like CNN, Cartoon Network, France 2, Fox and Fuji TV. He has managed and art-directed the creation of a 3D gamemaking software, documented Kazuo Ono and other renowned butoh artists and twice produced tours of Hong Kong for the Sadato band.

Novelist Xu Xi, shortlisted for the 2007 Man Booker Asia Prize for Literature, said of Bus Stopping, Stephen’s book of photographs, that it was created with “a spontaneous, studied and ever eloquent eye”. Describing the 2011 novel, Contact With Shadow, 2008 Singapore literature winner Ng Yi-Sheng, wrote, “It’s a double pleasure to read this wonderful scrapbook of historical facts, metafictions and photographs. First, there’s the joy of gleaning nuggets of knowledge about Singapore and the printed word hitherto unknown; and second, there’s the childlike wonder of never knowing what Stephen Black has in store for us on the next page.”

Stephen’s latest project combines social media, the President of the United States and crowdsourcing. Translation: Stephen’s ebook entitled Obama Search Words is trying to become unglued. And now for a translation of that translation…

There is a group of people who believe certain ebooks should be free to all who want them. They also believe that the authors should be compensated fairly for this to happen. The group is called gluejar.

For the author to receive the amount of money he requires in order to release the ebook glue jar conducts a crowdsourcing campaign. Crowdsourcing is a system in which supporters of a project pledge money so that it can become reality. When the crowdsourcing campaign raises the financial target within the fixed time, the project can begin. Glue jar uses crowdsourcing to “liberate” ebooks so that they can be shared freely by anyone, on any device. They call their system ungluing an ebook.

Stephen‘s ebook, Obama Search Words, is now in a campaign to become unglued.

Obama Search Words was originally going to be a portrait of Senator Obama, using food to learn about his life. Biographical portraits and literary still lifes would have been created based on Obama’s African father, his 3 year stay in Indonesia, his Hawaiian childhood and his long residency in Chicago… afew recipes would have been included.

So Stephen made a trip to Jakarta, where he met neighbors, classmates, teachers and friends of Obama. This was well before Obama had defeated Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic Party Presidential candidate. Obama was almost completely unknown by most people; a policeman mistakenly gave him the full tour of house he thought Obama had lived in—the actual former residence was blocks away.

After Jakarta, the author went to Chicago. There he ate and researched soul food and a McDonald’s where, in his early years, Obama had met people while he was working in social services.

Then of course, things happened. The subject of the book Stephen was writing stepped onto the path to the Presidency. Food no longer seemed appropriate and Stephen began researching more broadly and thinking more deeply.

The final result, Obama Search Words, is a collection of facts, fact-based fiction, photographs and artworks that touch upon a range of subjects. From Civil Rights to Hawaiian leis to English lessons in Jakarta and much more, all of the essays shed a unique light on the man who became the 44th President of the United States.

And now from the author himself…

Why I Write

Air Supply are a couple of Australian men who have written some very popular songs. On youtube they smile and/or look forlorn as they sing about being “all out of love.” For their “Making love out of nothing at all” music video they show us a painful romantic breakup, windblown 70’s hair and a private jet! The logo of Air Supply looks like Coke’s. I never drink Coke.

Air Supply is being displayed on the mobile phone on the table in front of me. The table is covered with roasted beans, Thai food and Tiger beer bottles. Buckley is using Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer Air Supply songs to another guy’s phone. This makes me smile. I’m smiling because Buckley’s job is building underwater oil rigs. His life depends on long hoses filled with gases. Buckley’s air supply is a collection of pumps, canisters and gauges, all banged up and in the hands of recently hired strangers who try to communicate in English. Buckley and his team work in storms and they work when it’s dark. A good day is when the hoses don’t tangle, the jellyfish stay away, the current’s weak, the pumps work and the waves are predictable. A good day is like winning the lottery.

Buckley sees me looking at the two words glowing on his phone. He breaks into a big smile. “You like Air Supply! Great! Karaoke! Let’s go sing Air Supply!” He stands up on his stool and starts singing “Lonely is the Night.” These “Air Supply Moments” might be the reason I write.

A pudgy diver in an orange jumpsuit terribly crooning Air Supply songs in a crowded Singaporean food court on a Saturday night- I need to record this. I cannot be Spinoza, Paul Aster, Mishima, Henry Miller nor Margaret Atwood. But I can use words to freeze the flow of life around me.

I melt these frozen stacks of words, then freeze them again. Stack them again, melt them again. Stack, melt, freeze, stack, melt, freeze.

Shapeless. Hopeless, as I wait for a drop of knowledge. I’m beyond hopeless as a previsioned frail stream of story ideas disappears, leaving only the sights and sounds of this room.

A man is being given a tour of writers’ hell. Everywhere,writers are suffering in the great heat. Some pound their heads in frustration,some stare at blank pieces of paper. They look at their words as though they are reading their own death sentences. They are together, yet the writers are all alone. They do not speak, but the room is filled with screams of Agony. The man is next taken to writers’ heaven. He thinks a mistake has been made, for he sees nearly the same tortuous scenario that he saw in writers’ hell. He questions his guide. “No sir, this is definitely writers’ heaven,” the guide explains, “but these writers get published.”

So, why do I write? One reason may be to ‘make conceptual, postmodern text-based art’ of the very small intersections that exist between ‘words’ ,what ‘words’ actually are, and what ‘words’ represent. Another reason could be that I am simply “too lazy to work, too chicken to steal.”

My father was a book salesman and this could be another reason. But I really don’t think that I am writing to please him. If I wanted to please my family- and other people, I would think of a better way of earning money. The truth is I write without thinking about why I write. Writing happens to me. If I were a clever, well-educated writer, I would now conclude with some sort of witty wordplay (possibly Shakespearean) comparing my need to write with a diver’s need of an air supply. But I am not a clever writer. I’m just a guy who fails to understand life. I spend days and nights rearranging words to disguise this tragedy, suffocating as I try to make it pretty to read.

Thank you, Stephen. You can find more about Stephen and his writing via…

The campaign to unglue Obama, Obama Search Words on Amazon, The Riverwalk Session by 3how (music by Stephen’s band), Furikake, Contact With Shadow, and The Changi Murals (Stephen’s acting debut). Stephen will return guest blogging on 9th August to talk more about Unglue and his project on the site.


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6 thoughts on “Author Spotlight no.101 – Stephen Black

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Morgen. once again thanks for a fabulous and interesting interview and with such a captivating writer. I really enjoyed reading this, probably because I have lived and worked in Singapore and so I immediately felt an infinity with Stephen.

    I had to laugh when I read about Air Supply and ‘All Out of Love’ – that really does take me back to Singapore just before 9/11 and a Chinese friend who decided to take a group of us for a day trip to Malacca….I won’t go into the story which in itself is hilarious – maybe another time. But, this Chinese friend was not that linguistically talented where English was concerned and so he spoke in what we would call pigeon English heavily accented and sometimes incomprehensible.

    Being in the music business is sometimes a curse – a bit like being a Doctor at a party when suddenly everyone wants to discuss their ailments. Our Chinese friend used to burst into song every time he was with us, and on this particular day he was in his Air Supply mode, so all the way from Singapore to Malacca and back (Stephen may well know how far that is), we had our friend singing as he drove us – at the top of his voice – all the hits of Air Supply. His favourite being ‘All out of love’ – only to us it sounded like ‘aw ouwkka lub’ and the rest of it was lost to us…..but then we were all sitting in the back of the people carrier trying hard not to laugh so he could hear or see.

    I won’t bore you with the rest, but Stephen caused it all to come flooding back and I have had quite a giggle here – all on my lonesome – and wanted to thank him for giving me such a laugh and reminding me of happy days in Singapore, working with one of the most talented artists I have ever come across in over 40 years in the business.

    I shall seek Stephen’s books out now that I know more about him and his writing and so thanks again for such a brilliant and interesting article….as ever. Best wishes for continued success Stephen, and Morgen….you go from strength to strength.


  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Oh dear just seen a biggie….infinity and not affinity…apologies and if you find any more typos….keep them to yourselves please….hiding in corner, head bent in shame!!


  3. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you, Jane. I could have edited the first comment and deleted the second but I think it’s hilarious so sorry, but it stays.

    Lovely to hear from you and thanks for all your earlier ‘like’s. 🙂

    M x


    • janerisdon says:

      Oh, I am sorry for rambling on….but you know me! Anyway, now that I am more settled again and able to read all your posts and various blogs and items, I shall be back commenting (sorry!!), and I shall also have another go at Flash Fiction Friday as soon as I can get into the vibe again…got lots of ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed doing my FFF on Dec 2nd 2011 and I heard the Pod-cast on Jan 2nd 2012 whilst in Los Angeles visiting family, so I felt quite the Woman of the Moment when I sat in front of the computer to hear my story being read….such a thrill. So anyone reading this who is thinking about submitting anything here, don’t wait, go for it – confidence giving, inspiring reading the other stories, and hearing your own story being read: the best!!


  4. stephen says:

    Dear Ms. Risdon,

    Thank you for the kind words. Do let me know if you decide to visit again. I am not sure what sort of music you were involved with, but this may interest you: Or CD will be online any day now…
    Again, thanks for taking the time to write…perhaps we could invent a new genre, one about singers of Air Supply songs….



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