Author Spotlight no.109 – Kimberley Payne

Complementing my daily blog interviews, today’s Author Spotlight, the one hundred and ninth, is of non-fiction devotional author and novelist Kimberley Payne.

Kimberley Payne is a former personal trainer and lover of Jesus and squats. She writes to share with others all that she’s learned about fitness and faith. Kimberley works out with other “LifterSisters” – friends who share her interest in lifting weights, love her like a sister, and provide an emotional lift when she’s feeling low.

Her novel, Tooth for Tooth, three devotionals that relate raising a family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and everyday experiences to building a relationship with God, as well as a workbook, Fit for Faith, that unites physical health and spiritual health through a 7-week program to lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God. Kimberley lives in Ontario, Canada where she hikes the trails with her 2 kids and dog, leaving her husband at home to watch over the cats, fish and hamsters. She writes about family, fitness and faith.

And now from the author herself:

I am an over-40, peri-menopausal mother of two teenagers. I am happily married to a man I believe was a direct answer to a desperate prayer. I am a half-cup-full optimist who’s been blessed with a short memory.

Although not naturally blond, nor do I have blue eyes, Dutch blood runs through my veins. I love croquettes, double zout drops and Suske & Wiske. I have fond childhood memories of a close family, with three older brothers who went swimming at the YMCA on Friday nights, played card games like “Pit”, and went camping every summer.

I collect pet fur – not because I like it but rather to try to keep my house somewhat clean—with two cats, two rats, and an aging German Shepherd.

I fell in love with Jesus in 2001 and haven’t looked back. I love to pray and have had the privilege to see many answers to prayers. I read my Bible daily by following a 365-day reading plan, and love to learn about this fascinating book.

Years ago, I began a spiritual and physical health partnership with God. Each morning, I started my day with a prayer. “Dear Lord, I pray that You will remind me every day that You are at work within me and around me.” Or, “Dear God, I pray that You will instill in me a sense of responsibility to care for my body—to both nourish and sustain it.” At the end of the day, I would write in my diary about my new faith and fitness journey. I also spent time reading my Bible and seeking out scriptural truths about God’s character. I started to memorize favourite verses such as, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). Then I felt a God-nudge that this type of program would also help others. So I used what I had learned to create a workbook, Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual and physical health.

Although I write in the health & fitness arena, I don’t consider myself an athlete. As a matter of fact, I once thought of myself as more on an anti-athlete. However, I’ve since come around and have settled on recreational athlete. I don’t run but I love to walk around my neighbourhood and hike in the woods. I don’t compete in triathlons but I do enjoy a friendly game of tennis. I’m not a competitive weight lifter but I’m quite fond of strength training in my basement with a girlfriend. You can read about my journey in the anthology A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider – Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit. It was released this year by That’s Life! Communications. My piece is called, A Personal Makeover – Inside and Out.

I’ve struggled with self-image and weight control all my life. I’m a member of Weight Watchers and attended Overeater’s Anonymous until the meetings conflicted with my weekend addiction to garage sales.

I’m an amateur photographer — scratch that, I like to take pictures but don’t know the first thing about cameras. I’ve been around my neighbourhood numerous times taking photos of everything and anything that’ll stay still long enough for me to capture it on film. I hope to gather my favourite pictures into a coffee table book.

On my bucket-list I’ve had “write a book” alongside “learn to drive a motorcycle” and “plant a Christmas tree farm”. I’ve checked off the first one but have yet to fulfill my other two dreams. I also want to visit Israel, bike across Holland with my mom and my daughter, and tandem jump out of an airplane.

Much of my writing comes out of daily living. If I learn something new through a friend, radio program or a walk in the woods I like to share it with others. I picked up a gem of a nugget from Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way. She encouraged me to write Morning Pages – that is to write three pages (long hand) each morning.  I admit I’ve lost the morning routine, but when I do write, I stick to the three pages. The first page I write about my day, things that are front and centre, anything that “pops” into my mind. The second page is usually deeper stuff, under the surface real issues. And the third page is God’s response. My faith has grown in leaps and bounds from this writing routine. I’ve collected and organized many of these devotional writings into three books: Where Life Meets Faith, Where Family Meets Faith and Where Fitness Meets Faith.

As much as I love to write, I find myself hesitant to sit down and actually do it. Some days I’d rather play on Facebook, or read other blogs, or wash the hallway walls.

You can find more about Kimberley and her writing via… her website, fitness blog, devotional blogTwitterFacebook. You can buy the book ‘Fit for Faith’ from, Smashwords and LuluThere’s also a YouTube channel.


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23 thoughts on “Author Spotlight no.109 – Kimberley Payne

  1. Linda Drue Hays-Gibbs says:

    What a great interview! I have such a problem commenting on this page. I hope this one gets through.Lol. Kimberly, I am quite impressed by your personality and your writing. You are a very inspiring and uplifting girl. Keep up the great work. I am a firm believer that God has a plan for us all. I hope I can do some small good myself. Good luck on your book. I am sure it will be a great success. I need to read it myself for enjoyment and instruction. Thanks again Morgen for a great interview.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
    Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul
    coming in November


  2. morgenbailey says:

    You’re so welcome, Linda. Sorry to hear you have trouble posting comments. Quite often they need ‘moderating’ and if I’m not at my computer (a rare occurrence!) I don’t get to them until I return. Thank you for persevering. 🙂


  3. Sandra McLeod Humphrey says:

    Morgen, I love your blog and the authors you select to interview! Kimberley, I love your title and I love your “bucket list.” I love books that inspire and motivate and I’ll have to check out your book. Thanks so much, Morgen and Kimberley!


  4. morgenbailey says:

    What a wonderful response from everyone. Thank you very much. Some ‘old’ names and ‘new’ names. Apart from Sophie’s award, it’s made my day (cheered me up actually, having been accused yesterday of being a scam artist!). As they say, “tomorrow is another day”. 😀


  5. Doug Koop says:

    Good interview. I’m working on the book thing right now. The motorcycle I have down pat (great joy in that) and I’ve been to Israel. Now … to cease being distracted from my writing.


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