11 thoughts on “Author interview no.466 with non-fiction writer and poet Jasha Levi

  1. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    Hi Jasha. 🙂
    It also doesn’t hurt that your title “Blood Without Honey” evokes the connection with Angelina Jolie’s movie ” In The Land of Blood and Honey.” I suspect that was no accident. Good luck with it.


    • Jasha M. Levi says:

      Hi Yvonne, glad you you saw it. Of course, the title was on purpose, but not to evoke it but to underline that she tried to explain the Bosnian puzzle and Sarajevans though she didn’t succeed. I keep writing about it because it is so inexplicable to people not used to centuries old blood vendettas and religious wars lasting from medieval believers to contemporary atheists.


    • Jasha M. Levi says:

      I do say in the inroduction that I took the title on purpose. We are both trying to explain the atavistic, incomprehensible hatreds of forgotten fights between relatives and the unbelievable religious rivalries between non-bilievers.


  2. clancy tucker says:

    Morgen, great interview with my good friend Jasha. I’ve also interviewed him on my daily blog which is similar to yours. Would you like to share / co-share, our guests? Have some interesting folks coming up: top authors, a Turkish illustrator, senior Thai diplomat based in the Middle East, filmmaker, top human rights lawyers from around the world; even a Prime Minister’s sister who is famous in her country as an author etc.

    Clancy Tucker


    • morgenbailey says:

      Gladly, Clancy. Whilst I can’t give out email addresses if there’s anyone who appeals on the list I have compiled so far (https://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/blog-interviews) I can certainly put them in touch with you (or you could leave a comment underneath the interview and I can forward it on.

      As for here, my only prerequisite is that someone writes (and illustrator would be interesting if book-related illustrations). 🙂


  3. Lurrae Lupone says:

    To know Jasha Levi is a gift. To
    hear him speak about his life and writing, a greater one. To witness his life at 91 as if he were just beginning it, is to be inspired. Jasha is to be admired for
    the life he has lived, remembers and shares so well. Keep it up, Jasha!


  4. Joel D Canfield says:

    Jasha, I envy your ability to think in multiple languages. My Spanish has almost left me entirely or I could write romance more believably.

    Perhaps 40 years from now, I’ll have stories to tell.


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