6 thoughts on “Author interview no.470 with poet and article writer Kimberly Gray

  1. rollyachabot says:

    Good morning Morgen…

    Thank you for bringing Kimberly to your reading audience and allowing her to have a greater voice. I have known Kimberly for going on four years now and her writing has always touched me. Her insights into life, pain and suffering have taken her to a new level asa writer. Her works are hard hitting and profound and leaves the reader wanting more.
    Kimberly thank you for the heart you have to expose the truth. What you share in your writing does and will impact many.


  2. Mike says:

    Kimberly, you provide a wealth of information here. Your advice to new writers needs to be seen by many. The outpouring of writing you have produced is phenomenal. I have had the pleasure of reading some of your work. Your creative imagination is first rate. You poetry stretches the genre to new levels. Your work can be playful and painful as you express how in touch you are with the spectrum of human emotions.

    Morganbailey you did a very nice job here. And your level of work is quite amazing also. I don’t know where either one of you get the energy.


  3. bbnix says:

    How can one put into words that which has literally given them life. Perhaps someone can explain to me what to say when everytime you try to put it into words, the tears of joy make it impossible to see the computer keyboard or the pen and paper in your hands.

    You see, we have two such impossible challenges here. Twelve years ago, one incredible, blind english professor, who went on to be dean, I might add, took a lonely, isolated Industrial Design major, a trained professional inventor or sorts, a solver of problems, but again, much like a writer, a painfully lonesome soul, and took him aside, myself, and for the first time in my life, by anyone, suggested an advocation, if not vocation — to write….aside from the birth of my son some eleven years prior, and what came later, the first real miracle of my life…cause, you see, I grabbed onto that idea, that incredible first real purpose that connected not only to my obsessive compulsive driven tenacity, but to my soul, where I seized upon that idea and became an english major, now at the final couple classes to aquiring my Bachelor’s Degree.

    That education, those thousands of breathtaking moments of studying much of the greatest writers and literature over some 2,500 years, but more importantly, going from that isolated lost soul, to one who then knew something of the countless miracles, tragedies, and a bit about the genius of words by individuals who, even now, upon reflection, takes my breath away, and, ultimately, feeling like life has meaning, and not just for myself, but for all of us. I have been given a torch to bear, and I bear it proudly, for I too am a writer…

    But, as my too numerous to mention professors would say, get to my point…

    A year and a half ago I came across a writer, a miracle to my life, I quickly learned, equal to the birth of my son, who not only had mastered writing comparable to any of the masters I studied, but whose heart, compassion, joy of life, and sheer intellectural genius, without much of any education, and effectively abandoned by the system I cherish, I might add, who has no comparable person to reference, no matter the present, the past, or, in my opinion, ever will be in the future…..none….

    Kimberly not only changed my life in a thousand different ways — she gave me life……..

    So, to attempt a bit of commentary here for a very fine interview, and one spectacular soul, would be fruitless. I would just say this. This woman, this saint beyond human beings, will, ultimately, save us all. I’m convinced of it. So, not only will she have an impact on inner city youth, but when she gets her half a chance, have one on us all….and I, my friends, commit my life to help her do so…..Godspeed, Kimberly…..Godspeed…


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