4 thoughts on “Author interview no.481 with science fiction / fantasy writer and writing coach Nina Munteanu

  1. thealiennextdoor says:

    Morgen, thanks so much for this interview and fireside chat! 🙂 I really enjoyed myself and the questions you asked…We went to some neat places. Oh, and thanks for the tea! How did you know I liked Lady Grey?…

    I also just wanted to share with you all that my recent release, “The Last Summoner” a historical fantasy about a young Medieval baroness who discovers she can change history is now a Canadian Bestseller on Amazon! I’m so jazzed!


  2. thealiennextdoor says:

    Hi Morgen,

    I just wanted to add that “Outer Diverse” has just been made into an audio book by Iambik.com with stellar narration by Dawn Harvey (she does the 30-odd voices of aliens and hero Rhea Hawke beautifully!) She makes the book so entertaining. If you like audiobooks, this one is great for listening to in the car on a long trip through plains and forest. Here’s the link to Iambik to download the audiobook for only $6.99. Good for iPhone and other devices as well as computer and jump drive or CD for your car: http://iambik.com/books/outer-diverse-by-nina-munteanu/


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