Post-weekend Poetry 039: ‘First Contact’ by Louis Casson

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the thirty-ninth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Louis J Casson.

First Contact

Early morning.
The wood pigeon’s call echoes,
a blue pink dawn tinged pool
cool and clear.

I enter, ripples flowing out
from my entrance,
disturbing the calm perfection.

Frisson of the cold water,
then pleasure
like my hand on a new lover’s skin.

Then following as I move,
easing swirly currents
of several anniversaried regards,
welcoming back again.

Of my heart,
rage and surge.
Of my blood,
rage and pump.

Calmed, rejoined
into the liquid essence.
From which I and all

The emerged remembers,
remembering again reimmerses,
into the mother pool.

I asked Louis what prompted this piece and he said…

“First Contact” is a poem reflection on swimming early morning, and the allusions to other thoughts with meanings that arise from this. Including:-

  • Perfection, broken by entering the pool.
  • Pleasure – sensual – in sensing the water
  • Re-union with the source of life (in a metaphorical sense)
  • “Aniverssaried” and “ancestored” are probably not words found in the dictionary, but felt right to use in the context of the poem. I made or stretched these words.
  • One of the things to watch if you apply spell or grammar checking tools to poetry. Spell or grammar tools do not have any poetic bones in them; they will strictly apply the rules they have as if your lines were prose.

First contact is usually a phrase used to mean contact with beings from outer space, if and when this happens. Here I’ve slightly- well a bit more- stretched the meaning to include that initial shock of first getting into cool water, which wears off after a while; possibly also a being form one media (air) contacting another media (water, liquid).

I’m guessing a little in the foregoing paragraph since poetry making is not entirely logical – my logical brain was not entirely driving when writing this piece – the “muse” and I were having tea together at the time!

Thank you, Louis.

Currently living in Northamptonshire, England, Louis visits the Lake District frequently where he was born. His arts activities include writing; publishing poetry and lyrics. Also music: main instruments, bass guitar and guitar.

Honorable mention in the 17th Billboard World Song Contest (2009). Category: Blues and R & B. Lyrics writer for Blues, Country, Jazz and other musical styles. Album “Love and Blues” by Casson / Sheinman on iTunes. Poetry and lyrics collections published on Amazon Kindle; “See You in the Big Time” being his latest book (2011). You can find out more about Louis from his blog

Behance portfolio site (book extracts and MP3 Audio files)

Louis J. Casson on Amazon Kindle.

This poem and supplied article content © Louis J. Casson 2012 all rights reserved.


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3 thoughts on “Post-weekend Poetry 039: ‘First Contact’ by Louis Casson

  1. Marta Merajver Kurlat says:

    Morgen, thanks for bringing this poet to light. I’m not particularly fond of contemporary poetry, exception made of Linnea Larsen’s works, but it delights me to have read Louis’s.
    To the poet: you shine, my friend. May your star rise high in the literary world.


  2. Louis J. Casson says:

    Thanks Marta; your comments are much appreciated. Thanks also Morgen for placing this poem. In 24 hours the book this poem is taken from will be live for sale on “Building an Unseen Line” by Louis J. Casson (Louis j. Casson being the arts name I use for poems and lyrics) You can contact me also on Facebook (under John Casson)


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