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Post-weekend Poetry 042: A Fragile Pirate by Sheila Pearson

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the forty-second poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Flash Fiction Friday contributor Sheila Pierson.

A Fragile Pirate
She’s come undone, in that way women do
                   when the light has left the day and
      she’s had a drink or two.
She’ll unsheathe a dull sword on memories,
      broken destinies and unwanted sympathies.
Nothing can soothe this grief,
                  a shot of bourbon withholds relief,
      coursing down her throat its warmth is too brief.
Tears cannot fall from eyes of lies,
      bitterness bound, even though she tries
Dammit! Must she seek approval to live her own life?
Bottoms up, one more to find that drunken shore,
      release her sails for a land of plenty
Her treasures aren’t in things or diamond rings
      or men whose promises are empty.

I asked Sheila what prompted this piece and she said…

In writing poetry, some of what I write is based on personal experience while other times I write based on a feeling from something I read or music I listen to. In this particular case, the poem is a result of previous personal experience, a song and some public rantings by someone on a social networking site who’d obviously suffered a broken heart. Poetry is very personal when the reader’s interpretation and the writer’s intent manage to find common ground on the page. My hope is that “A Fragile Pirate” accomplishes this very goal.

I would say so. Thank you, Sheila.

Sheila Pierson is a writer and has finally come to grips with this, and without therapy. She has written short stories, essays and poetry since she was a young child, now pursuing this craft with the passion she has for it. She is currently working on a collection of short stories for publication. The novel always lurks in the shadows, grumbling in the corners of her bedroom just as she drifts off to sleep.

Sheila blogs at and can be found on Twitter @sheilapierson1.


If you’d like to submit your poem (40 lines max) for consideration for Post-weekend Poetry take a look here.

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5am Flash: Legacy Books Press library crowd-funding campaign

In the last few days I was approached to highlight an appeal to support libraries and of course I wasn’t going to say “no”. Please read on…

Legacy Books Press was founded in 2007 as a micro press specializing in non-fiction history books – books about those corners of history that aren’t always explored, but still helped shape the world we live in today.  Our titles include the critically acclaimed The Secret History of Star Wars, by Michael Kaminski, The War that Changed the World, by John-Allen Price, and Bayonets and Blobsticks, by Aaron Taylor Miedema.  They are wonderful books by amazing authors.  But, there was a problem.

In the last year, we have began our transition into a small press, hiring The Cadence Group to handle the sales effort.  With Cadence’s track record, we were certain that we could finally reach out to the libraries and give these books – and their authors – the attention they deserved.  A campaign was planned to bring these wonderful books to the attention of libraries across North America.  The books for the campaign were printed and shipped to The Cadence Group – everything was ready.  And then, disaster struck.  Due to circumstances beyond anybody’s control, Legacy Books Press ended up underfunded by over $4,000.  There was no choice – for the business to continue operations, the library campaign had to be put on an indefinite hold.

But with your help, we can raise the money to help bring these amazing books onto library shelves, where they can be enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of readers across North America.  For you kind contributions, we have a number of perks, including e-books, paper books, and donating books on your behalf to a library of your choice.

Help us bring history books to libraries now at!

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