Ditch the Publisher free eBook

Firstly, apologies to any publishers reading this (I know some do visit my blog, and appear on it!), the title wasn’t my mine but I do think the eBook is great, but then I could be biased… I’m one of the 40 contributing authors (I’m no.7) – see the list below.

To access your free copy click here (also available at Smashwords and Amazon). To read more about it visit Hayley’s website.


  • Introduction
  • One: Success as a Self-Publisher by Beth Orsoff
  • Two: The Secret Myth of Traditional Publishing by Dean Wesley Smith
  • Three: You’ve got Nothing to Lose by David Jay Ramsden
  • Four: Freedom by Steve Carter and Antoinette Ryder
  • Five: The Future was Never Brighter for the Indie Author by Timothy Lee
  • Six: Robbed! by R.J. Hamilton
  • Seven: The Ebook Revolution by Morgen Bailey
  • Eight: My thoughts on Self-Publishing by Aliyah Burke
  • Nine: Writing the Book by Brendan Gerad O’Brien
  • Ten: Creating Characters by C.S. Marks
  • Eleven: Authenticity in Fiction by G.M. Frazier
  • Twelve: Redrafting and the Magic Cupboard by Hayley Sherman
  • Thirteen: In Praise of Editors by C.S. Marks
  • Fourteen: The Writing Bug by JD Nixon
  • Fifteen: Nine Golden Rules (Part One) by Mel Keegan
  • Sixteen: Beginning with Nothing by Kirsty Fox
  • Seventeen: It Takes a Village to Bring a Novel to Life by Gerard O’Keeffe
  • Eighteen: Getting Ready to Publish by Maggie Barclay
  • Nineteen: The DIY Approach by Michael Wilson
  • Twenty: Five Places to Self-Publish Your Ebook by L.J. Sellers
  • Twenty-One: A Few Ideas to get You Started by Joseph Lallo
  • Twenty-Two: The Formatting Nightmare by Captain Peter Cain
  • Twenty-Three: Investing in Your Own Ebook by L.J. Sellers
  • Twenty-Four: What Does it Take to Become a Full-Time Indie Author? by Lindsay Buroker
  • Twenty-Five: Becoming a Bestseller by Terri Reid
  • Twenty-Six: Just Do It! by Lexi Revellian
  • Twenty-Seven: Publishing Full-Colour Books with Lulu by Alex Ritsema
  • Twenty-Eight: An Unknown Author’s Publishing Experience by Arnold R. Beckhardt
  • Twenty-Nine: In Hot Pursuit of Happiness by Ciggie Cramond
  • Thirty: My Rocky Road to Publication by Sybil Nelson
  • Thirty-One: From Imagination to Publication by Pete Darman
  • Thirty-Two: Success and the Death Threat by T.M. Nielson
  • Thirty-Three: Four Questions About Ebook Publishing by Iza Moreau
  • Thirty-Four: You Never Know… by C.S. Marks
  • Thirty-Five: Self-Publishing by Curtis Ackie
  • Thirty-Six: Why Can’t I? by Diana Mylek
  • Thirty-Seven: You Reap What You Sow by German Alcala
  • Thirty-Eight: I Left My Publisher, Gave Up on Bookstores and Started Making Money by L.J. Sellers
  • Thirty-Nine: Self-publishing: A Personal Journey by Fionna Barr
  • Forty: Nine Golden Rules (Part Two) by Mel Keegan
  • Forty-One: The Dark Side of Free by Russell Blake
  • Forty-Two: Indie Translators: Money is Waiting by Scott Nicholson
  • Forty-Three: Getting Print Copies into Libraries by Ilyan Kei Lavanway
  • Forty-Four: After you publish: How to Market Your Books by Michael J. Sullivan
  • Useful Resources

And all for the price of a cup of air. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Ditch the Publisher free eBook

  1. jimcopeland says:

    Dear Morgen:
    Thank you for the opportunity for the download of the Ditch The Publisher book. I started reading it as it printed and it appears that these people have experienced the same dead pan efforts from the publishers as I have. I am sporting 386 rejections as of yet, with no end in sight of publishing. If I hadn’t taken the proverbial bull by the horns and published on my own I would still be waiting for approval.
    Best regards,
    James M. Copeland


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