4 thoughts on “Author interview no.542 with cosy murder mystery writer and poet Sharon McGee

  1. jimcopeland says:

    Dear Morgen & Sharron McGee:
    I enjoyed your question and answer program and was very interested in the fact that you live in North Alabama. I also live in North Alabama and have been writing since 1991. I’m looking for a group of mystery, crime, fiction writers in the area of Cullman, Huntsville, Decatur, Birmingham, Fulton dale, Garden Dale, Jasper, almost anywhere in this area that I can join to get reviews and give reviews to other writers. A new set of eyes is always warranted. I have 4 books published by Create Space and Amazon that are available as e-books or paperback, and I have 4 more that are ready to publish. I have a series featuring Detective Frank Hawthorn and several of his friends in law enforcement that covers 7 books. This should be something interesting to a publisher who is looking for something that will keep the book shelves covered for some time. I need that extra eye to critique them and I don’t have the money to hire an editor. I’ll work diligently to provide help to others if I can just find the right group.
    Morgen: I think there are a great deal more writers, correction, great writers in Alabama!

    Best regards,
    James M. Copeland


  2. Pat Green says:

    I was fortunate enough to host Sharon McGee’s first book signing in our family business, The Chocolate Tree. Sharon included us in her first book “Anybody’s Guess?” Although the story around us was fiction, it was still very exciting to see our name “in lights” as it were. What an awesome day that book-signing was! Friends far and near came to share in this new chapter in Sharon’s life. We were so proud of her and that pride continued as each book after that rolled off the presses. Can’t wait for the next one, Sharon. You’re living proof there’s life after retirement!

    Pat Green


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