Post-weekend Poetry 046: Six Seconds by Yasmin Selena Butt

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the forty-sixth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by poet and novelist Yasmin Selena Butt.

Six Seconds

I’m dressed as a rocket as I fly into the sky
Illuminating your life as I kiss it goodnight
You fired me up, you watched my soar
And I knew in six seconds time
You’d hate the man you adore
For Shadows now are emblazoned with white
And Darkness won’t deny you reality bright
As Illicit floodlit lovers, tangle
Caught in plain view
Crimson blush by firelight Dave’s goggling at you
Cuckolded girl your mind’s all $&:@:~*
Turn and face the sky I implore
With my brothers and sisters lighting the way once more
Streaking colours, explosions and misty-trailed night
As tears shimmer and blur your incandescent lit eyes
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, angel
Illumination’s a tough price to pay
And we’ve spared you baby, a far worse fate
Not that your broken heart will see it that way
As you light a Catherine Wheel
And throw it at Dave.


(Don’t try that at home folks!). I asked Yasmin what prompted this piece and she said…

When I first thought of writing a poem I immediately thought of the Kate Bush song ‘Rocket’s Tail’ from ‘The Sensual World’ album, I wanted to re-create that build-up of excitement and sense of high emotion that the climax engenders.  And then I thought, what other situation gives rise to that? And the extremes of love, pain and anger sprang to mind. Volatile dramatic feelings, then I thought of light; the brightness and brief dazzle and illumination you get from fireworks exploding – and I felt it could be a metaphor for the hidden becoming exposed, for the ball dropping, for secrets being revealed, literally the light being shed.

And sometimes, despite the pain and the havoc betrayal can wreck being almost too much to bear, ultimately, it can be a good thing because knowledge is power. So I saw my firework, the narrator, as being a loving messenger, a prophesier looking down from above, an omniscient presence, seeking to enlighten and to comfort the girl on the ground while also being a fly on the wall to all it saw. I’ve never actually written a poem like this before! I am a huge fan of fireworks, I think they’re magical.

Thank you so much for writing this for me (following a shout-out on Facebook and Twitter), Yasmin! Thanks also go to Celene Petrulak for the cover shot of Gunshot Glitter and Keith Pitcher for the author photo. Photo of firework from free stock at

Yasmin Selena Butt was born in London and named by her sister.  She developed a passion for creative writing, poetry and music at an early age.  At university, she was the Arts editor on ‘Le Nurb’ the student magazine and graduated with a degree in Politics and Modern History.

After freelancing in Marketing for several years, she completed a TEFL course in Prague and worked abroad in the Maldives as an English trainer to resort staff.  Chronic sciatica caused by barefoot living and an undiagnosed spinal problem forced her to return home, and during her recovery she began writing fiction again, showing her work to an editor at Hachette Filipacchi.

With encouragement she began working on her debut novel, Gunshot Glitter, and also writing about the London music scene for The Times.  In 2009 she took a career sabbatical to focus exclusively on Gunshot Glitter, deciding to self-publish for complete creative control.  She worked with Celene Petrulak to create the cover and professional proof-readers to finalise it. Armed with an endorsement from best-selling writer, Lisa Jewell, Yasmin published Gunshot Glitter on Amazon in August and is currently organising the print edition for a November release.  She writes poetry for pleasure.

‘Gunshot Glitter’ by Yasmin Selena Butt is available for Kindle and all Kindle Reader Apps on Amazon worldwide via Amazon UK and

Download the Kindle sample for free or click here to read Chapter 1 of Gunshot Glitter.

If you would like to reserve a paperback copy, due to be published later this year please email

You can follow Yasmin Selena Butt on Twitter at @YasminSelena.

Visit: to find out more about the author.


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