2 thoughts on “Novel Nights In 001a: Coming Up For Air (Book I, part 1) by Rose Mary Boehm

  1. Vic Heaney says:

    I have reviewed Rose Mary Boehm’s first novel, Coming Up For Air, on Amazon. I greatly enjoyed it. I have also been entranced by her follow-up novel, The Telling, which had a denouement which left me wondering where the third book in this trilogy could possibly go. And I am now eagerly waiting for that third book “Spitting In The Wind”. I hope that Rose Mary’s comment that it is “purely imaginery” doesn’t mean that it will never exist!

    She is a wonderful writer who will have you learning about people, places and times, at the same time as you enjoy the story and wonder just how much of it happened to the writer or her friends, and how much comes from the imagination.

    I am pleased to see this serialization which will bring Rose Mary’s work to a new audience.


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