3 thoughts on “Guest post: Secrets to Writing Good Sex Scenes by Sarah Clare

  1. Pete Rogan says:

    To this list I would add: Continuity of story. A sex scene does indeed (if done well, and not added gratuitiously) develop character and increase character interest, between the participants and between the characters and the reader. But coming out of the scene, the resumption of daily life needs to reflect the results of the intimacy.

    This can be a deepening of the bond between the characters, the revelation of a vulnerability that now becomes a stumbling-block or a challenge (and of course the participants very likely think of it very differently!), or even the discovery of a facet of personality, of personal need, that becomes an issue of itself. This is part of the charm of “50 Shades,” but it need not be a mutual need, or even a mutual discovery. A sex scene can thus become a turning point that goes in different directions for the characters involved.

    I cite Kathe Koja’s “Under the Poppy” for the way sex can complicate an already heartbreakingly complex relationship. Sex can be a great device for plot and character development, used wisely. Its power should never be underestimated.


  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Enjoyed reading this Sarah, thanks for your words of wisdom and to you too Pete. I have always avoided sex scenes, out of cowardice, but unexpectedly found my characters in a situation which led to sex and I was stumped….the story wrote itself to this point. Then I decided to not get ‘down and dirty’ or drench it in metaphors, but as they were old lovers, meeting again after years and some trouble between them, I hinted at it and made it fun…a reunion of kindred spirits and renewed intimacy….phew, got me off the hook nicely. I shall watch where my characters take me next time. Enjoyed everything as usual Morgen, thanks for tackling such a difficult subject…and thanks to Sarah and to Pete for his comments too.


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