10 thoughts on “I’ve been interviewed by Alana Woods!

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Well done Morgen, great review. I did wonder about the use of ‘whilst’ annoying her, but we do use it over here and so it does not annoy me. I cannot stand ‘gotten’ instead of got…..used by the Americans, but we all have our little annoying words I guess.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you, Jane. I was chuffed with it. I occasionally use it in conversation and I think it is more of a British thing, although I counted them and there are over 40 so she may be right. So, I’ll be going back through it and seeing where I can change them. I hate ‘gotten’ too, and even try to avoid ‘got’.


  2. Alana Woods says:

    Hi Morgen, pleased as punch to see that you were chuffed 🙂 I loved being able to reciprocate all that you’ve published of mine. And Debbie was finally able to leave a comment on my site — apologies, Debbie, for the inconvenience.


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