14 thoughts on “Guest post: Why I Value Failure by Dana Sitar

  1. Diane Corriette says:

    So very true and honest. I have failed at running a podcast many times and each time I get better at it. About to start again and this time succeed but if by chance I don’t I will still keep on attempting to run one 🙂


    • Diane Corriette says:

      Hi Morgen

      I think it is mainly on genre. I go too small with my niche and end up with nothing to say! I need to decide on a genre that isn’t as broad as personal development but also not as niche as just self-confidence.

      The main thing thought is that I “teach” a lot when I blog and I am doing my best to kick that habit out of me and get into story telling. I think in my previous podcasts the teaching just seemed too mundane. I would much rather tell a story. I want to be a story telling podcast.

      Thank you, for your offer of assistance – it got me thinking about what I needed to change to ensure this next podcast is more successful.

      I read the word jiggery-pokery and was so excited about naming my podcast something like Self-Help jiggery pokery. I thought the word sounded fun and would mean laughs and jovial fun… the true meaning was somewhat different! Still looking for how I can make it “fit”


      • morgenbailey says:

        Hi Diane

        My podcast is called ‘Bailey’s Writing Tips’ and I started off with writing tips on a different subject each week but they were compiled from handouts given to my fortnightly writing group so I had plenty of content. When this blog took over my life (not kidding!) I had to cut down and then I swapped the handouts to digests from this blog so once I’d used all the handouts, I stuck with the guest flash fiction I read out from this blog (the authors love hearing a Brit reading their stories). I still plan to give ‘writing tips’ in the future but for now 3-4 stories a month is all I can stretch to.

        On the plus side, it also means that I have plenty of topics to write about when doing guest blogs on other sites.

        Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure your listeners will love it. If they’re writers / readers they’ll be passionate people. 🙂


  2. Arlee Bird says:

    This is really a pretty upbeat way to look at things. Failure helps us appreciate success more. I rather not have failure, but I think the person who doesn’t fail isn’t trying to do much either. Great philosophy, Dana!


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