15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 073: End It All! End It All! by Salvatore Buttaci

  1. confessionsofacrazyfox says:

    Another interesting piece Sal, well written. I too am saddened when I read of how many soldiers come home from the Middle East wars so depressed they feel no recourse but to take their own lives. They didn’t much recognize PTSD as an illness during and after Vietnam but by now,much more should be done to address the sad issue. We owe them so much.


    • Salvatore Buttaci says:

      Anna, when wars drag on year after year, folks in the safety of their non-combative lives give little thought to the despair and depression of returning veterans. It’s as though the act of coming home is reason enough to celebrate when it ought to be the end of wars that only end and maim lives and hardly ever the international disagreements that cause them.


  2. Josephine Lissandrello says:

    Wow, this story gives you a lot to think about. Very sad, but under certain circumstances this could very well happen. Thanks for this interesting short story Sal..


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