5 thoughts on “Guest post: Sequels, Sagas, and Trilogies… Oh, My! by Nicole Dunlap

  1. Ian Miller says:

    There is another reason for writing a trilogy, and that is, the story is simply too long. I am about to self-publish the first of one such trilogy, and the reason is as follows. The underpinning premise is, what would happen following “first contact” with aliens? In “A Face on Cydonia”, evidence sends a small group to that rock, each has thoughts about what they want, each is incompatible in some way with each of the others (and this requires story to develop the characters and show why this must happen) and each gets exactly what they did not want from the experience. In the second book they are forced to adopt new roles, but the incompatibility between them means some sabotage some of the other’s dreams, including in one case, murder, so the third book is required to sort everything out, after introducing ultimate revenge, followed by a genuine nightmare scenario that follows from the revenge. This has to be a trilogy, because it is simply too long, however a key here is that the whole trilogy was written long before editing started on the first book. This, I feel, is very important, because once the first one hits the public, there are aspects of it that must be followed in the later ones. The biggest single difficulty with a complicated plot with multiple characters is to ensure that all the later stages are compatible, both in “history”, and that the characters stay in character.


  2. ndunlap09 says:

    Thanks so much Marta, I hope so. You’re right Ian, a series can be type consuming. However, if you’ve got fully developed characters, it cuts down on the time that it takes to create new ones for standalone novels. As you say, the characters have to stay in character, so cross referencing previous installments is imperative.


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