One thought on “Flash Fiction Friday 075: Sitting on the Edge of the Cave by Dr Margaret Aranda

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Inspirational woman and so brave – just for starters. Hope you are fully recovered now. Loved this tale of your road trip. We’ve all been there with kids….and some not so young. I toured all over America with a 14 year old and a 16 year old recording duo in the early 1990’s – they’d never left the UK before, so we thought they would be so awe-struck and inspired by the trip. Nope! All the time we had a chorus from the rear of the limo of ‘Are we there yet?’ When they weren’t asking for food, the loo or moaning about the journey, they had their heads stuck in their Game Boys (all the rage at the time). Back in the UK both sets of parents were keen to know where they had been, what they had seen. Both were stuck for anything to tell their folks. They had missed so much. How wonderful to travel with children who really do appreciate the opportunities they are given and can tell their children one day about their adventures and the bats in the cave. This story reminded me of my frustration at the time – yours had a happy outcome. Loved it. Thanks. Morgen once again an ace Flash Fiction Friday.


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