8 thoughts on “Author interview no.656 with mixed-genre writer Linda Rondeau

  1. Back in the Daze says:

    Thank you for hosting me! Just a little update. America the Second was moved to the publisher’s Christian imprin, Helping Hands Press. I now have a romantic best seller, It Really IS a Wonderful Life. Thanks again. Enjoyed the interview!.


  2. Anne O'Connell (@annethewriter) says:

    Great interview Morgen and Linda. I love the term ‘mixed genre’. I think I may have to use that from now on when referring to myself. I find it easy to answer the question, “What do you do?” I’m a writer! However, when the inevitable next question arises, “What do you write?”, I get a little tongue-tied and find myself saying, “Oh, a little bit of everything.” Although the mixed-genre answer would probably only be understood by fellow writers 🙂

    I’ll definitely add The Other Side of Darkness to my reading list!

    Happy Writing,


  3. Back in the Daze says:

    @ Anne

    My agent says I write so far out of the box I’m in another room. I don’t believe in fitting into a golden arches when it comes to literature. That said, our writing by nature will take on certain dimensions that define who we are as a writer. Even my sci-fi has romance, humor, and history.


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