One thought on “Guest post: Give Your Work Away for Free and Make Money by Marlayna Glynn Brown

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Really interesting post and very informative. It is a fact of life, people love to get something for nothing and I know I have compared all this to the Music Business before, but it is so similar. Record labels hold back money from sales to cover the ‘freebies’ given away to ‘entice’ Radio, TV, Vidoe Stations, The Music Press and so forth, to review, play a record and give some air-time/exposure to a new band or even an existing artist. It is taken from royalties and what with packaging costs and so on you can see that is is a big chunk of income gone…, I guess with all the freebies (books) given away as you describe Marlayna, it is not that different. Just the books go for free before your very eyes, whereas with a record, you never see it leave the warehouse so it is hard to envisage. Good luck and I hope you can sell some soon and make lots of money, direct to your own coffers.


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