16 thoughts on “Guest post: What It’s Really Like Being an Author – at Least This One by FM Meredith

  1. Alexa Bourne says:

    Marilyn, I’m glad you stuck with it! Yes, I had grand illusions early on, but in the 10+ years between my 1st submission and my first contract, I did learn some things. I agree about why we do it! Good luck with your books!


  2. Jackie Taylor Zortman says:

    I so enjoy reading Marilyn’s comments. We both started writing and joined PSWA at the same time, back in the 90s. I recently started following her on her blog tours. I’m presently in the throes of having Oak Tree Press release my first book WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW in June and it’s a lot of hard work. However, I have learned a lot about the publishing business and marketing by doing this. I don’t exactly have grand illusions, but my MS was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to and a second publisher also wanted it, so I have the “bug”. While my illusions are not grand, my hope is pretty spectacular. Another great blog, Marilyn.


  3. Jane Risdon says:

    Really enjoyed reading about you and your writing Marilyn. I think it is important to tell it how it is and money should never drive an artist; disappointment and disillusion can only result. I love that you are using your locale and your experiences (family occupations), for background and the research must make dinner times such fun. I would love it. When I worked in music I met a lot of musicians and singers who thought that success meant money and would do anything to achieve it. They would push for certain contracts with undesirable companies to be signed, regardless of advice from us (management) and attorneys, and then push for more and more advances and cash for this and that, and then wonder why when the reckoning came – as it always does – they owed money and had nothing left for themselves or those working with them after the record companies or whoever, covered their costs and recouped. Those doing it for money never put their all into anything and I think that it shows eventually and theirs are not long-standing careers – they burn bright (if lucky) then fade and are rarely re-ignited. But money makes the world go round and you do need to see some reward for your hard work…one has to eat. I have approached writing in the same way as I have when working on making a record and selling it….and I hope that my experience will hold me in good stead. You have a great career and you must have a wonderful following or you would not be here today. Much more luck and success to you and I shall seek out your books…..I sense a touch of Karen Slaughter perhaps? Morgen as usual thanks for a great spotlight and thanks Marilyn for sharing your wonderful story.


  4. marilynm says:

    Jackie, I’m glad you reminded me where we met! Are you going to come to the PSWA conference this year? And how fun, you’ll be another Oak Tree author.

    Jane, I loved what you wrote. If i was writing because of the money, I’d have quit a long time ago. I’ve had so many wonderful experience along the way and met the greatest people, worth far more than money.


    • Jackie Taylor Zortman says:

      Marilyn – No, I can’t make the PSWA conference this year. My book releases in June, we have a granddaughter getting married in Wichita, Kansas and my launch party is July 7th. But I have it penciled in for next year!


  5. Julie Egert says:

    I so agree with Marilyn. I always say if you’re writing for anything else besides the sheer love of writing, don’t do it, because you will be sorely disappointed! Publishers rarely send authors on book tours…most authors will never make it big…but what a thrill when you come up the “perfect” phrase or scene! The feeling of seeing your words in print and accomplishing something lasting? Priceless!


  6. marilynm says:

    Oh, Patricia, you are such a dear. Nope, I named Rocky Bluff just because of the way I saw the town in my imagination–but it is ironic, isn’t it?

    Julie, you added more of the great reasons to be a writer.


  7. Marja McGraw says:

    Wonderful post, Marilyn, and so true. Writing isn’t for sissies, and you prove that with your dedication. I’m sure you must have felt like giving up a few times, but in the long run it appears it’s been worth it. And, I for one would be very disappointed if I didn’t have your books to read.


  8. marilynm says:

    Since the time I wrote this, Oak Tree Press’s publisher had several strokes. Once again I’ve moved on, this time to Aakenbaaken and Kent–another new and independent publisher.


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