6 thoughts on “Author Spotlight no.203 – Susan Mac Nicol

  1. Serena Clarke says:

    Sue what a wonderful story! I’ve been lucky enough to read your work, but I didn’t know how it all came about. You really are inspiring. I laughed imagining you in the car acting out your first chapter! What’s that about madness and genius…? 😉


  2. susanmacnicol says:

    *Chuckles* Thanks Serena. Yes, I didn’t know whether I should release the fact to the general public that I’m a little psycho and defintiely schizophrenic from long periods pretending to be other people in my car. A lady has to have some secrets…then I thought, ‘what the hell’ everyone already knows you’re a little cuckoo. A little more isn’t going to hurt. 🙂 So I took the brave step forward to declare my idiosyncracies to the world at large.
    Errm. Do you still want to meet face to face when we get together in London in May?? I understand if the answer’s No. Completely.

    PS I still do it. Nothing’s changed…only the voices in my head…


  3. pmillhouse says:

    Sue, this is awesome! Thanks for hosting Sue today, Morgen!
    Love your short stories, Sue. I have the Starlight Series on my TBR list.
    “Waiting on tenterhooks” – that’s hilarious! You make me laugh, Sue!
    I love your sense of humor. Thanks for sharing more about how all these stories came to be.


  4. susanmacnicol says:

    Thanks Paula! I’m glad you liked my short stories and that Cassie and Bennett are on your TBR pile….I thought your short story was pretty awesome too, Boroughs authors definitely rock 🙂


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