8 thoughts on “Guest post: The Pros And Cons Of Pen Names by Janey Fraser

  1. Maggie Thom says:

    Here I thought I was having a tough time with one pen name :). Thank you for sharing this. I have never hidden my penname and real name but some people have been offended that I didn’t mention it to them. I try to tell anyone I am interacting with but I forget and to me it’s not a big deal. Have you found people who have taken offence to your many pen names and not being aware of it?


  2. VeronicaThePajamaThief says:

    Wow! So much to think about! This is subject I have been wrestling with for some time. I had just about decided to go with v.m. lewis for my noir fiction (seems to be done a fair bit in that particular genre) and my full name for my memoir, but now you’ve given me some other considerations. Hmmm…

    The Pearls sounds intriguing… I will definitely have to check it out. Ever since reading Sandra Byrd’s The Secret Keeper, I’ve gotten sort of hooked on historical fiction.

    All the best,

    Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw


  3. dborys says:

    Janey, thanks you for this article, it answered many questions I have myself. I’ve had two dark urban suspense novels published in my Street Stories suspense series under my current name Debra R. Borys. When I started writing a new, much lighter cozy mystery series, I decided to use my maiden name of Deb Donahue because I expect it to attract a very different reader. I’ve already begun developing an online persona for Deb, but wasn’t sure how much “cross contamination” I should do. Do I pretend I am two separate people an ever the twain shall meet? Your article helped me answer this and also provides confirmation that choosing to use a pseudonym was the right direction to go in.


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