6 thoughts on “Guest post: Writing Blush-Free Sex Scenes by Cherry Radford

  1. yasminselena says:

    It’s funny because I write sex scenes, vividly and explicitly, so that for me was so different, but nonetheless very appealing which surprised me. The prose read like a dance : )


  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Well, having just dived into the shower for much needed cooling off I think I will do what I always do when entering this mine-field, either kill the blighter before he gets to the nitty-gritty, or do what I normally do and cop-out with the bedroom door closing quietly…..very interesting and informative and great advice too. I shall keep it in mind for if/when I get my characters to ‘make love, not war,’ Fab article, thanks and good luck. 🙂


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you, Jane. Great to see you here.

      I’ve been writing some very steamy (and in some cases twisted) scenes in my latest novels (a set of 3-4 dark erotic crime) and whilst I go into a lot of detail, I also avoid naming body parts. We all know what they are and going on the ‘less is more’ theory, it leaves more to the imagination. 🙂


      • Jane Risdon says:

        Sounds fun Morgen…good luck with them. I had a giggle when one of the writers who left a comment for me re my FFF story The Honey Trap, said she though I wrote erotica and that it was better than 50 Shades! Laughed a lot as never read 50 Shades and never likely to, and I only had a line or two with ‘naughty bits,’ in The Honey Trap. Never entered my head it was erotic and have never thought of writing it. Closest I’ve come to erotic crime. I think it was the use of the scarf to strangle her with that she thought erotic!!! I shall await your stories with interest. Fun eh!! J 🙂


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