3 thoughts on “Post-weekend Poetry 071: ‘Syria’s Massacre’ by Linda Hays-Gibbs

  1. Stam Fasoulakis from Athens Greece says:

    Hi Morgen, Linda was first as I wrote a poem for all the Middle East fights or revolutions if you wish to call them. So my poem covers the whole of the the Middle East upheaval which will not end soon, so even if you publish it a month later still it will be current.


    Peoples messed all over,
    in the streets they rover,
    bullets are flying around
    mortar shells hit the ground

    children dying next to their mother,
    further down lies the dead father.
    They left their home to save their life
    but as they run away making a strive

    they met death face to face,
    he didn’t loose his pace,
    in a jiffy he uprooted their soul
    their bodies now lying there, foul.

    Welcome to the Middle East
    where war like a thirsty beast
    takes the life of any innocent bystander
    as fanatics fight to strengthen their power.

    Also since 14th of May is mothers day I wrote a poem for the occasion.


    Mother is one and only
    as we all say commonly.
    She for you will always stand up
    if sadness or joy comes up.
    A mother is a source of life
    that do not forget in your life,
    so give her a hug and kiss
    to make her happy don’t miss.

    Keep up the good work I enjoy your site even that I don’t do your exercises, however I learn a lot.
    Thanks again.


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