3 thoughts on “Guest post: Writer’s Block or Writer’s Doubt? by Tracey Alley

  1. jokelly65 says:

    I would say that on occasion its doubt, but sometimes its pure old my brain is stuck in neutral, and nothing is going to force into four wheel drive, a good example is the story I am working on currently. I know where its going, I can and have sat down and wrote out pages events and conflict for upcoming chapters to help me guide the characters to the events.. but then I sit down to write the first, second and third chapters, and …… crickets. even the crickets eventually got bored, packed their bags and headed to Disney to apply as Jimminy cricket double’s.

    I can see the high lights in my mind, know what a chapter is supposed to be about, and yet not a word works. Granted Im sure my newest keyboard is thrilled at not being pounded on for hours on end. but still.


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