11 thoughts on “Guest post: The mid-list author’s version of the bleak truth

  1. Sophie E Tallis says:

    A very interesting post and very true too. If that is her experience of mid-list authors with bigger publishing houses (that give out advances), then imagine what it’s like for all those tiny indie publishing houses (that don’t give advances) working on a shoestring and a bit of blue tac? Very tough out there.

    But I must say, I’ve never understood the willingness of publisher’s big or small, to go to the effort of publishing works which they then show no interest, inclination or effort in promoting and marketing. Very strange! Thanks for posting this, Morgen. 🙂


  2. Pete Rogan says:

    Not impressed. Publishing has always been a dicey business and promotion left more or less to the author — and you will find amazing tales of everything from authors spreading false rumors to mounting the skies over Paris in balloons to draw attention to their work. The Web has made it both easier to spread the news and harder to get individual attention, but it can be done. Do not imagine author neglect is a modern invention. And don’t think you don’t have a major role to play in pushing your works. Like Louis Armstrong said, God helps the poor, but not the poor and lazy — so get out there and wail, daddy!


  3. jokelly65 says:

    bean counters in every industry have ruined just about all they have touched. thanks for the guest blog, its always interesting to find out what I will be up against when I reach the point of trying to get published.


  4. dellagalton says:

    Yes, this is all so true. And it’s nice to hear someone say it how it is. It’s especially true these days. I know more than one person in this situation. And believe me Pete Rogan, they are not lazy. Far from it. And they promote and promote and promote, while their publisher files their metaphorical nails and says ‘promote harder’. Maybe I am getting cynical after so long in this business.


  5. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments, and thank you Mid-List Writer for sharing your experiences with us. I’ve interviewed over 800 authors and only two have said that their publisher does all their marketing, yet those two authors are active on Twitter and Facebook so no-one’s immune. 🙂


  6. motherventing says:

    Excellent post, thank you for being so brutally frank. As a self-published writer I DREAM of having an agent/editor/publisher to escort me to the big times, before reading stuff like this and realising my dreams are just the dust on the bottom of Phoebe/Emma/Charlotte/Xanthe’s shoes. But a healthy dose of reality keeps me twisted and cynical, and I happen to think the best writers are these things. Haha.

    Good luck, Mr Mid-List Writer, I hope the day job doesn’t grind you down too much.


  7. acflory says:

    I already knew this, in principle, but reading an eye-witness account makes it seem even more horrible. I’m not even a mid-lister, I’m an Indie, which makes me… third class? -face palm-


  8. gerrieevans says:

    Mid-Lister, My experiences mirror yours, which is why, after having eighteen novels traditionally publlished and receiving a pittance for my efforts, I turned indie. I now make a living and can actually afford HOLIDAYS! Something unheard of in my traditional days.


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